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Artist Knocked From Her Bike In Hit And Run Left Unable To Paint For Months

Personal Injury Experts Appeal To Witnesses To Help Bring Justice


An artist who was knocked off her bicycle by a hit-and-run taxi driver causing serious injuries that have left her unable to work for 10 months is appealing for witnesses with information to come forward to help her get her independence back.

Anne Shaw was cycling to her home in Southsea, Portsmouth from her nearby art studio on 3 July when she was hit by a blue taxi on Albert Road in Southsea at 5.15pm. It failed to stop, instead turning right down Lawrence Road.

She was rushed to hospital where it was found she had suffered a fractured arm, severe bruising to her legs and hands, whiplash and a suspected broken right rib.

Anne was told her injuries meant she wouldn’t be able to paint for up to 10 months. She contacted road traffic accident experts at Irwin Mitchell in a bid to secure damages for her loss of earnings and ongoing care, but desperately needs information about who the taxi driver is to be able to come to terms with what has happened.

Sophie Davies, who specialises in helping people who have been injured on the roads at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Anne suffered serious injuries through no fault of her own when she was knocked from her bike, but what makes it worse is the fact the taxi driver drove off with complete disregard for her and her wellbeing.

“Anne understandably wants to see the person responsible prosecuted and she also needs financial support to fund her loss of earnings and physiotherapy, but the police need more evidence to help find the taxi driver.

“The incident happened on a busy road at rush hour so there were plenty of people about and we’re appealing to these witnesses to help the police with their enquiries so Anne can get the justice she needs to be able to move on with her life.”

Anne was due to show her work at an exhibition next year but is likely to have to put this on hold due to being unable to paint. She can no longer cycle or go swimming like she used to and has had to employ someone to help with her gardening and cleaning.

She said: “I’m still in a great deal of pain and I’m very frustrated because I can’t do my painting. What happened that day has basically put my life on hold as I’m now so restricted. All the other activities that I enjoyed such as swimming and cycling I can no longer do and I’ve lost my independence as I need help round the house.

“I just can’t believe anyone could live with themselves knowing they have knocked a lady from her bike and not checking she was ok. I could be dead as far as that driver is concerned.

“I can’t begin to come to terms with what has happened knowing this person it going about their daily life as if they never knocked me over. I’ve asked police to look at CCTV footage to see if they can trace a number plate but it would be a huge help if people who were in the area at the time get in touch with the police as they may have seen something that could help bring the person responsible to justice.”

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