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Irwin Mitchell Welcomes 'Cities Fit For Cycling' Campaign



Specialist injury lawyers at law firm Irwin Mitchell are welcoming The Times ‘Cities fit for Cycling’ campaign after seeing more and more cases where clients or their loved ones have been injured or killed while cycling on Britain’s streets.

The national firm, affiliated with leading road safety groups such as Brake and RoadPeace, has spoken out in support of the paper’s campaign having dealt with hundreds of cases where cyclists have been left with catastrophic injuries, through no fault of their own, and work to secure the vital funds that pay for the lifelong rehabilitation and care clients are faced with.

Colin Ettinger, a partner and serious injury expert at Irwin Mitchell’s London office said: “Time after time we are contacted by people whose lives have been turned upside down by road traffic crashes and no amount of money can bring a loved one back or makes up for the devastating injuries they incurred.

“It is only when the infrastructure and legislation is put in place to protect vulnerable cyclists and to help other road users avoid them that we will see numbers start to fall. We’re welcoming the ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ campaign launched by The Times newspaper today and hope it makes the government enforce new rules in support of cyclists.

“The government encourages people to cycle to keep fit and reduce their carbon footprint, but to cope with rising cyclist numbers their safety has to be made a top priority.

“’Our clients and their families are determined to make sure issues cyclists face on the road are highlighted to try and avoid anyone else going through similar pain in future.”

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