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Sentencing Council’s Proposals On Abuse Welcomed By Lawyers

Consultation Launched To Update Guidance On Sexual Offences


New plans which will ensure that the sentencing of those convicted of sexual abuse takes into account the long-term physical and psychological impact of such attacks on victims have been welcomed by abuse lawyers at Irwin Mitchell.

The Sentencing Council has published draft guidelines outlining how guidance for courts on sexual offences should be updated to focus more on the impact of victims, as well as advances in technology and how offenders use it.

Being considered as a part of a 14-week consultation, the proposals ultimately consider how the nature of such offences has evolved over the time and the approach courts should take to sentencing decisions on issues including child sex offences, rape and sexual assault.

Tracey Storey, a Partner and expert in abuse claims, represents people of all ages who have suffered long-term physical and psychological trauma as a result of abuse.

Commenting on the sentencing proposals, she said: “Our work is fundamentally focussed on ensuring that victims of abuse of all kinds are able to gain justice over the terrible problems they have endured, which in turn helps them to access specialist support which helps them get the best from life.

“The long-term impact that abuse has cannot be underestimated and we have seen in many cases the physical and psychological scars which victims are left to deal with following such issues.

“It is only fair that changes to sentencing are made to consider this impact and ensure that the often devastating toll taken on lives is assessed by the courts. It is an important step towards recognising the massive impact that these incidents have on victims and ensuring the awful impact of such offences is properly considered.”