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Council Fined Over Worker’s Vibration Syndrome Injury

Cases 'Shows Consequences Of Safety Failings'


Cheshire East Council has been fined £5,300 after one of its workers developed a severe arm vibration injury after regularly using heavy-duty equipment during his employment.

The 56-year-old employee’s hand arm vibration syndrome was identified in its early stages by the local authority in 2005 but, despite the recommendation of annual assessments, he was not examined between 2006 and 2009.

He originally joined Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council, which became part of Cheshire East Council in 2009, as a mechanic in 1984 and used items such as handheld grinders and pneumatic drills on a regular basis.

The unnamed victim now struggles to pick up small objects, while his hands become painful in cold weather.

Mark Allen, an expert in industrial illness and injury at Irwin Mitchell, regularly provides advice and support to workers who have suffered vibration white finger and other similar problems during their employment.

Commenting on this case, Mark said: “As this case shows, vibration injuries can have a devastating impact on workers and impact strongly on their ability to carry out many tasks most people take for granted.

“All employers have a responsibility to follow the guidance which is in place to prevent their staff from suffering from arm and hand injuries like this, as it is clear that the consequences can have a major impact on the quality of life of victims.

“The health and safety of workers should always come first and we hope that all organisations can learn lessons from this case and do everything they can to ensure no other employees suffer in the same manner.”

If you've suffered injury while working for the council and it wasn't your fault you might be entitled to claim compensation. For more information visit our HAVS claims page, our Claims Against the Council page or enquire online.