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Irwin Mitchell Welcomes Todays Announcement That Will Provide More Funds For Research Into "A Cure" For Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal injury "cure" moves closer as stem cell research restrictions lifted in US


On Friday 23 January 2009 the Times reported that President Obama is preparing to lift restrictions on stem-cell research in the USA. Stem-cell research is one of the areas that is being worked on by scientists trying to find "a cure" for spinal cord injury.

Stem-cell research is government funded in the UK, but in the US there has been no government funding for this type of research.

The UK charity Spinal Research Trust welcomes this announcement. A spokesman for the charity told Irwin Mitchell that this would bring benefits to the scientific community researching this condition.  It means that there will be more money available for research as funding by the US government would now be possible. Also it will enable scientists in US Government funded institutes to work on this and contribute to the world knowledge of this and other conditions.

At Irwin Mitchell we are only too aware of the devastation that spinal cord injury causes to families and friends, and we do our best to help those we represent get sufficient compensation to enable them to regain a good quality of life. Anne Luttman-Johnson, Irwin Mitchell's client support manager, and herself spinal cord injured says "We welcome anything that might help prevent some people going through the loss and suffering that many of our clients have to cope with. Whilst we have seen first hand that many people lead very full and rewarding lives after spinal cord injury it would be fantastic if science was able to help the spinal cord to reconnect so that paralysis was not the inevitable result."

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