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Law Firm Calls for Greater Support for Those Living With a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Injury Awareness Day - 18th May


Over 40,000 people across the UK live with spinal cord injury (SCI), and this week Irwin Mitchell has teamed up with the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) to call for greater awareness of the issue and more understanding of the needs of SCI individuals.

The law firm, which has the largest specialist team dealing with spinal cord injury in the country, has recently sponsored SIAs Peer Support Service by providing leaflets and posters explaining how and where the service operates.

It has also provided uniforms for all members of the Peer Support team, which includes Peer Support Officers and volunteers based at each of the 10 spinal cord injury centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Peer Support Co-ordinators covering three geographic regions. All members of the Peer Support Service are themselves spinally cord injured.

Regional Managing Partner in Manchester Grahame Codd, head of Irwin Mitchells national neurotrauma team said, We recognise that spinal cord injury will often have long-term, permanent implications for the injured person and also their families. Our work is not just about settling complex damages claims.

Over the years we have been increasingly involved in adapting homes, providing specially adapted vehicles, sourcing physio and other therapy, and the management of ongoing care support.

The law firm has even set up its own in-house road traffic accident investigation team whose work is to collect evidence from accident locations and to carry out analysis to help clarify the circumstances of the case.

Paul Smith, Executive Director of SIA, said the support from Irwin Mitchell was making an important contribution to the work of the organisation in the community. "With the right help, encouragement and information, people can look forward to enjoying a full and independent life with spinal cord injury. Our peer support team provides fantastic day-to-day inspiration to others because they have experienced it first hand."

Positive approach to spinal cord injury

Anne Luttman-Johnson is testament to that. Now working for Irwin Mitchell in the Client Support Team and spinally-injured herself, Anne provides answers to common concerns for clients and their families across the country. With over six years of legal training and more than 20 years experience of disability she is a passionate believer in the SIA's philosophy that life needn't stop when you're paralysed.

"I've done more with my life since my accident than ever before," joked Anne. "I don't hide behind my disability. I use it as my USP and I am very proud of that."

Anne has been skiing, sailed across the Atlantic, been scuba-diving, flown a light aircraft and travelled extensively across America, Australia and the Far East.

"I am delighted to be able to give people the benefit of my experience - this is my dream job. I just say life goes on and can go on very positively indeed."

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