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Reported Outbreak of E.coli Linked to National Supermarket Food Product

Chicken wrap E.coli case


Routine local follow-up of E.coli cases by Environmental Health and Health Protection Agency (HPA) staff has revealed that two apparently unlinked cases reported exposure to the same coriander and lemon chicken wrap, which was purchased from different branches of the same national supermarket chain on 26 June 2007.

A third case, who ate a coriander and lemon chicken wrap from the same chain on 26 June, was reported in the north west on 6 July.

It has been established that the lemon and coriander chicken wrap was supplied by a food production unit in Milton Keynes. Two and a half thousand wraps were produced daily and distributed nationally. The product was withdrawn voluntarily by the company at 6pm on 6 July.

Environmental investigations, including sampling of lemon and coriander chicken wraps from the supermarket chain, identified E.coli.

In total, 12 cases of E. coli infection have been identified in those who reported the consumption of a lemon and coriander chicken wrap from the same national supermarket chain prior to illness.

David Urpeth, Partner at Irwin Mitchell said: In our modern world, many of us rely of convenience foods. As such consumers should be able to rely on manufacturers and retailers for excellent standards of food hygiene and food safety. Sadly in this case in many other cases we see here at Irwin Mitchell, those standards have not been met.

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