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Lawyer for Salmonella Victims Responds to Potential Legal Action against Cadburys

Legal action against Cadbury for allegedĀ salmonella poisoning


Sallie Booth, a Partner with law firm Irwin Mitchell, who is representing 12 people who believe they were affected by chocolate contaminated with Salmonella responded to the news that Cadbury's faces prosecution over the Salmonella outbreak by saying:

"We welcome the fact that Birmingham City Council have acted in what is a serious health and safety matter. There should be a full investigation to identify the circumstances of the outbreak at the Marlbrook plant, and also why there was such a long delay between the risk of contamination being identified and measures taken by Cadburys to protect the public."

One of the clients Ms Booth is representing is Catherine Henderson from Co. Antrim. Mrs Henderson, 62, had to be kept on a hospital isolation ward for five days after eating a Cadbury's caramel bar. Mrs Henderson was told by environmental health officials that her tests showed the presence of Salmonella Montevideo, the same rare strain identified in Cadbury's chocolate.

Salmonella found in factory

In June 2006, the Food Standards Agency forced Cadbury's to withdraw 1m chocolate bars after the bug was identified at one of its factories, and following unusually high levels of Salmonella Montevideo poisoning in Britain.

The Health Protection Agency has identified 31 people who have so far been infected with this strain of Salmonella, which can cause diarrhoea, vomiting fever, chills and headaches.

Comments from lawyer representing claimants against Cadbury's

Sallie Booth said "This type of bug is extremely dangerous, especially to the most vulnerable in society, the very young and the very old. In extreme cases it can cause serious, long term health effects."

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