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Food Poisoning at Hilton Conrad Hotel

Hilton Conrad Hotel, Egypt


  A couple from Larkhall in South Lancashire have described how their Honeymoon was ruined after both the bride and groom had severe food poisoning which was so serious the groom had to be rushed to hospital on return to the UK.

Leigh Blac (32) and James Blac (32) suffered devastating effects following their honeymoon to the Hilton Conrad Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Mr Blac was rushed to Wishaw General Hospital a week later and was later diagnosed with Reiter's syndrome, which is reactive arthritis brought on by bacteria including Salmonella.

Both Mr and Mrs Blac fell ill on the second day of their honeymoon suffering from severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

On their return from holiday the couple continued to suffer but Mr Blac's condition meant that he had to be rushed to the Accident & Emergency dept of Wishaw Hospital due to his left elbow swelling up to 3 times its normal size, with his fingers and nails started turning black and blistering of his feet.

On admission to hospital he was diagnosed with Reiter's syndrome, a condition which causes him pain so severe he now has to have regular Cortisone injections from his GP to try and ease the pain.

Mrs Blac, a Theatre Nurse, said "The glasses in the restaurant and bar were filthy and had lipstick marks left on them from the previous user, I used to take the glasses to my room and rinse them through with bottled water. The food also seemed to have been re-heated and served on more than one occasion.

"The honeymoon was a present from my husband's parents as we could not afford one after paying for the wedding. It was supposed to be a celebration of our wedding instead it was a complete disaster which has had devastating consequences for my husband."

Solicitor representing victims of Hilton Conrad Hotel illness

Nichola Blackburn Travel litigation specialist at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors said "This illness has left Mr Blac in a very serious condition and we do have fears for his long term health. Mrs Blac is also suffering from symptoms of the illness we believe she got from poor hygiene conditions.

"We urge people to come forward if they have been affected in a similar way by illness at the Hilton Conrad in Egypt, or any other hotel where they feel good health and hygiene practices have been neglected."

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