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Sheffield lawyer speaks out about dangers of Supertram following Supertram accidents

Sheffield Supertram accidents



Sheffield Supertram has been controversial as an alleged cause of car, motorbike and bicycle accidents since it opened in March 1994. Many people believe it has significantly increased the dangers on local roads, particularly in wet conditions.

Supertram crash compensation claim

In a recent case, driver Carl Abbott, 36, sued Sheffield City Council, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and Balfour Beatty for compensation for injuries arising after a car accident on the Supertram tracks. Mr Abbott received over £25, 000 in compensation for his injuries.

The accident occurred when Mr Abbott was driving along Ridgeway Road. His partner and young son were passengers in the car. He was driving slowly because it had been raining heavily and the road surface was wet.

Supertram rails cause of accident

When the wheels of Mr Abbotts car crossed the Supertram tracks the back of the car suddenly spun round. The car mounted the nearside pavement before turning onto its side.

Mr Abbott was taken to the Northern General Hospital Accident and Emergency Department with cuts to his right arm and an injury to his lower back.

Ongoing back pain

Despite extensive treatment he was left with ongoing pain in both his legs and back which at times prevented him from carrying out his work spray painting cars. He was also unable to take part in hobbies, such as going to the gym, or playing with his children.

Specialist personal injury solicitor Sallie Booth of Irwin Mitchell solicitors settled Carls case for over £25, 000.
Sallie Booth said: Since the Supertram system has been put in place a lot of people have been very concerned that it may be the cause of serious road accidents.

Irwin Mitchell is aware of a number of other successful cases which have been brought against Sheffield City Council because individuals have been injured as a result of accidents with trams.