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Caustic Soda burn leaves Sheffield man scarred

Acid burn injury compensation claim



A Sheffield man has received an out-of-court settlement after sustaining caustic soda burns to his right arm and left middle finger leaving him with permanent scarring.

Marvin Crapper, 32, of Manton Villes in Worksop suffered his injuries whilst working as an industrial cleaner with Filtasonix Ltd based in Rugby.

Acid burn caused at work

As part of his job, Mr Crapper had to place equipment into a bath of acid to degrease it. After a while, he went to retrieve the equipment wearing half arm gloves that he had been supplied with to perform this task by his employer. As Mr Crapper was lifting the equipment, the caustic soda in the bath splashed and burning acid entered his right glove causing painful burns.

Following his accident, Mr Crapper went to Bassetlaw hospital and was later prescribed with antibiotics. As a result of the injuries he suffered at work, Mr Crapper could not return to his job for 3 weeks.

Injury resulting in arm discoloration

He said: "If I had been provided with gauntlet gloves, which go to the top of the arm, the acid would not have splashed me. Instead, I had to endure a very painful injury that has left me with discoloration on my arm."

His payout was secured with help from Laura Scotford of personal injury experts Irwin Mitchell, based at the firm's Riverside offices in Sheffield.

Lack of protective equipment

She said: "The injuries sustained by Mr Crapper came as a direct result of him having the wrong gloves. It is every employer's responsibility to ensure employees are provided with suitable protective equipment and to ensure safe environment for all employees to work in."

If you have suffered a burn, laceration or scarring due to a workplace accident, our accident at work solicitors could help you to secure compensation. See our Burns, Scars & Lacerations At Work Claims page for more information.