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Rumours that new draft NPPF is to be released on Monday

Planning Resource has just published news that the long awaited revisions to the NPPF may be released on Monday 5th March "according to well-positioned sources" at MHCLG.

If this is true (and we only have a few days to wait in order to find out) then the publication will be several weeks earlier than anticipated. 

The Secretary of State has promised a large number of amendments to the NPPF - most of which are set out in the quotation below. So we may all have plenty to chew our pens over on Monday, if the rumours are true...

The expected draft is only a consultation draft - with final revisions due in the Autumn - but given the focus on increasing housing supply and densities it should certainly prove to be an interesting read.

Key NPPF changes that have already promised by the MHCLG include:

introducing a new standard method of calculating housing need for local authorities to use;

allowing authorities to fix their housing land supply figures annually for a one-year period;

...authorities to produce a "statement of common ground" with neighbouring authorities within 12 months of the NPPF changes being published;

if policy requirements have been tested for their viability at the plan-making stage....such issues should not usually need to be tested again at the planning application stage;

....local authorities to ensure that one-fifth of their housing supply pipeline involves small sites of under half a hectare;

easing upward extensions of existing buildings;

policies "to make efficient use of land and buildings, and building at higher densities";

reference to the agent of change principle.”