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What will your pledge be IM

Be Part Of It

The Pledge

Thanks to everyone that pledged to Be Part Of It this year. 

Your pledge can be something you already do, or something you really want to, or something you never thought you could do.

If you've not already pledged then you can do it now, but remember that you only have until Sunday 31 December to do so. 

Pick a pledge

If you already play, watch or support a disability sport then that can be your pledge right there. Alternatively, if you're new to this then there are so many ways you can get involved and Be Part Of It.

You can find out more about the type of pledges you could make here - these are a few examples of the type of pledges we’ve already had:


The pledge

We just need a few details from you before you tell us your pledge:


When you click submit your pledge will appear on our website, so everyone can see how you’re proudly supporting disability sport.