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How To Pledge

Be Part Of It

Our Don't Quit, Do It campaign aims to get more people playing, watching and supporting disability sport than ever before. To make this possible we need your help, we need you to pledge to Be Part Of It

For every pledge we receive, we will donate £1 to help support disability sport.

If you’re already involved in disability sport, then we need you to make a pledge to show everyone how proud you are to Be Part Of It

So if you work as a volunteer at a disability sports team or you help support a club through your day job we want to hear about it. If you take your child training, regularly watch your local disability side or you play yourself, then show how you are part of it by pledging today

We also want to attract a new audience to disability sport, so we really need people who aren’t currently involved, to pledge to Be Part Of It, in whatever way you can. If you’re new to this then don’t worry, we’re here to help and the options available are endless. 

Step One – Pick Your Pledge 

This can be something you already do, something you really want to, or something you never thought you could do. Here's a few pledges we've already had: 




Every pledge matters, so just make sure yours mean something to you. 

If you need help with picking your pledge or making it possible then please contact us on Twitter, Facebook or by email and we’ll see how we can help. 

Step 2 - Picked your pledge? Let’s go

Once you’ve chosen your pledge then you need to head over to our pledge page

Make sure you give us your details so you receive a Be Part Of It Pledge Pack through your door and a special email in your inbox each month, to keep you up to date on the latest from the campaign.  

Step 3 - Share it on social 

We want everyone on social media to see that you’re proud to support our campaign. 

You'll get a chance to share your pledge on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn once you've submitted it - don't miss a chance to show everyone how you're part of it.

Step 4 - Nominate someone else 

You're nearly there, we just have one more thing to ask of you. Once you’ve pledged to Be Part Of It we you to nominate someone to do the same as you, so we receive as many pledges as possible. 

It can be a friend or family member, a work colleague, a team mate or even a business or sports club. You can text them, tell them face to face or tag them in a post, and don't worry about nominating more than one person - the more people and the more pledges the better. 

What are you waiting for?
Pledge now to Be Part Of It

Find out more about our Don't Quit, Do It campaign here