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Pledge to support disability sport now.


Our Summer Of Sport

Thanks to everyone who helped to celebrate the skill and ability in disability sport this summer.

Ola's Story

Watch Ola and her family taking part in Parallel London.

Ed's Story

Watch Ed participate in the Superhero Series triathlon.

Daisy's Story

Watch Daisy competing at the Superhero Series and Parallel London.

Grants Programme

Funding to support and nurture disabled people and teams playing and supporting inclusive sport.  

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How will you pledge to Be Part Of It?

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How will you pledge to Be Part Of It?


Adam Hills

Alex Gillespie

"I pledge to help my mum find a sport she can enjoy with others with a similar condition to her"

Amy Bird

"I pledge to play wheelchair basketball for the first time"

Ian Mann

"I've written two books on the para athletes, and I pledge to not stop until I am published"

James Kirk

"I pledge to contact a local disabled sports club and design them a new logo"

Natalie Thorpe

"I pledge to run the Great North run to raise money for disability sport"

Roger Whitehouse

"To win my first cap playing amputee football for England"

Sean Lofthouse

"To offer my physiotherapy services to the nearest amputee football club"


Have you tried the brilliantly inclusive Boccia? It's our sport of the month for November.


Disability Cricket

Are you looking for a chance to take the match winning wicket or hit that all important boundary for your team?
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Powerchair Football

Are you looking to have fun, playing a fantastic and friendly team sport designed for electric wheelchair users?
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Amputee Football

Are you looking to enjoy playing the beautiful game and want to get your kicks from a sport that tests your skill and makes you part of a team?
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Para Ice Hockey

Are you looking for an ice cool sport which is exciting, exhilarating and so unique it can be enjoyed by disabled and able bodied people together?
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Are you looking for a friendly, inclusive and easy to follow game which allows anyone and everyone to have fun?
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Para Cycling

Whether it’s on the track or the road, are you looking to get back on a bike and experience a fast paced thrill with plenty of social and fitness benefits?
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Wheelchair Racing

Are you looking to emulate Hurricane Hannah Cockroft and find a sport that gives you that need for speed as you challenge others in the pursuit of glory?
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Wheelchair Rugby

Looking for a fast and frenetic sport, played at a high octane pace, where physical contact is not just allowed but actively encouraged?
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Adaptive Rowing

Are you looking for a chance to learn new skills and make new friends trying a sport that keeps you fit, healthy and feeling good?

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Para Badminton

Are you looking for a sport which caters for many types of disabilities and offers you a match full of rallies, lobs and even the odd smash?

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Hannah Cockroft

Hurricane Hannah is an inspiration to people of all ages and abilities and has become a really special, and smiling, role model for everyone involved in disability sport.

Ray Westbrook

Ray lost his leg through cancer when he was 14 and thought he’d never kick a ball again before amputee football gave him a second chance to play the beautiful game.