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Picture of the fully inclusive event


Parallel London

What: World’s first fully inclusive mass participation event
Where: Olympic Park, London
When: Sunday 3 September 2017
Why: To celebrate inclusivity

An event for everyone

We’re proud to support Parallel London – a fun-filled event that celebrates inclusivity and is open to everyone of all ages and abilities.

Parallel London is the world’s first fully inclusive family fun run and hopes, on 3 September 2017, to build on the successes of last year which saw 3,000 participants being cheered on by huge crowds at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

Why it's so special?

The variety of running events on offer ranges from 100m to 10km, so there’s something to suit everyone. From a regular runner, to those taking their first steps towards fitness.

Parallel London also offers the incredibly unique Super Sensory 1k, which provides an experience tailored to those with conditions such as autism and others who require any degree of sensory support.

But that’s not all – in addition to the athletic centrepiece of the day, Parallel London also holds a family festival dedicated to promoting and enabling accessible living.

How can you be involved?

If you like the sound of being a part of Parallel London then we bring you positive news. Places are still available so why don’t you pledge to take part in the event and sign up.

Not only is there the feel-good factor around everyone competing together, there’s also enjoyable entertainment, amazing activities, unique experiences, fabulous food and so much for everyone to enjoy.

Join us and be a part of the fun-filled, fitness event of the summer.

How we’re involved

We brought our six ball challenge to Parallel London last year to witness people of all ages and all abilities try and kick, throw, push and pull a ball through a hole.

Huge crowds gathered to support people’s quest to achieve success and the photos below show how much fun we had in the process.

We were never going to miss a chance to come back and do it again, with a new and improved challenge for all attendees to try. Will you be there to try and win one of our 'Don’t Quit Do It' hoodies?

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