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Issy Bailey

Meet Issy

Issy Bailey, a student at Exeter University, was 19 when she was injured in a road traffic accident leaving her with a serious spinal injury. Her family got in touch with our serious injury lawyers to help them access funds for Issy’s recovery.

Before her accident Issy was a runner, javelin champion and a talented hockey player at regional and national level. The compensation Issy got gave her access to special equipment she needed to play sport again. After trying different sports she found wheelchair rugby and shooting were her favourite.

A New Journey

Wheelchair rugby gave Issy the same buzz she felt on the hockey pitch. She loved the team spirit and the contact element. She now plays for the Stoke Mandeville team and is enjoying a fast paced season.

Soon after trying shooting, she represented Great Britain at the Rio Paralympics in 2016 and is focusing on competing in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

“Issy is an incredible inspiration and a perfect example of how opportunities in sport can transform an individual’s life.” – Deirdre Healy, partner and serious injury expert

A True Inspiration

In 2016 Issy graduated with a 2:1 in English literature. She’s now deciding between a Masters and a career in law. She’s also learning how to drive.

“It is incredible to think about the past few years and everything I’ve been through, but I can honestly say that my rehabilitation work and passion for sport have completely transformed my life. Sport has given me a chance to look beyond my injuries and achieve things I never thought would be possible.” - Issy

Don't Quit, Do It

Twelve million people in the UK have a disability but only one in six takes part in sport regularly. We want this to change.

Our work with people who have suffered life-changing injuries means we recognise the many benefits that physical activity and sport can have. Don’t Quit, Do It showcases how sport helps people recover from serious injuries and other major traumas in their lives.

We proudly sponsor the North East Bulls wheelchair rugby club and they are one of many clubs and charities we work across the country.