Amputee Football

England Amputee Football Association

We’re delighted to be working with the England Amputee Football Association (EAFA), helping them with the amazing work they do to promote and develop the sport.

Amputee football is a lifeline for many people who have suffered limb loss, giving them the chance to meet and compete with others who have gone through a similar experience.

The EAFA, a registered charity, was set up with the goal of offering all amputees the opportunity to play football at grassroots, club and national levels. They also support people with congenital limb deficiencies and restricted limb use. If you want to get involved with amputee football, please email Dave Tweed, Head of EAFA’s Football Development.

The organisation is responsible for coordinating the National Amputee Football League, a six team competition featuring:

  • Arsenal London FC Amputees
  • Everton FC Amputees  
  • Manchester City FC Amputees  
  • Peterborough United Amputees 
  • Portsmouth FC Amputees  
  • University of Limerick Sport FC Amputees  

We work with and support Portsmouth Amputee FC – check out the video below to see them in action.

Our partnership gives the EAFA help with vital equipment such as footballs and corner flags, as well as insurance and matchday staff like referees and physiotherapists.

Follow the EAFA on Twitter.