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A European Union Trade Mark application includes 28 European Countries within its registration. Registration throughout Europe can be obtained nationally in each country or through this harmonised system. This is suitable for businesses which are or plan to be active in Europe.

Fixed Fee European Union Trade Mark Applications

Our package costs £1,500 (excluding VAT) and includes:

  • An identical search of the UK and European Union trade mark registers across all relevant product and service classes.
    Please note that UK and European Union searches will not provide you with information about a national register of a European country – please see below for further details.
  • Advice on whether your trade mark meets the requirements of the European Trade Mark Directive
  • Advice on goods and services to be covered including drafting of the specification for the application (ensuring the trade mark is appropriately classified)
  • Your trade mark application being completed by an intellectual property professional
  • All official European Union Intellectual Property Office (EU IPO) Registry application fees
  • Entering the details of your mark on our portfolio management database. This allows us to manage any deadlines relating to your trade mark, and easy reporting of information to you

Although we will always try to work to a fixed price, there may be additional costs should there be any unforeseen opposition or objection to your trade mark application. In this instance we will provide you with a cost estimate and a strategy to overcome these objections, whether at the time of filing the application (if problems are anticipated) or during the process, as required.

Registering A Trade Mark In A European Country

Prior to launching your product or brand in a European country, you should conduct a European and national trade mark register search. We can help you register nationally, in addition to our Fixed Fee European Application Service.

Launching without such clearance can leave you exposed to expensive infringement actions or disputes with third parties, even if you have successfully registered a European or European Union trade mark. In some cases this may result in you having to change your brand and packaging, and paying substantial damages.

Because costs vary according to the country you wish to register in, we offer this service on a fixed fee basis, after discussion with you. Please call 0207 421 3997 to find out more, or email us with details of your trade mark enquiry.

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