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The Irwin Mitchell Employment Law team offers a comprehensive programme of in-house training for all employer organisations, covering many aspects of essential HR practice.

The seminars are aimed at managers with direct supervisory responsibility for employees, and who are often faced with dealing with the practical implications of employment law on a day-to-day basis.

Our training sessions are available either as separate modules, or bundled together to form a package which can be presented to managers at bespoke training days, or even as part of away-days or development courses. 

The following modules are available:-

1. Handling Disciplinary And Dismissal Processes

In this module we guide managers on the correct processes to adopt when investigating allegations of misconduct, and gives practical advice as to how to conduct disciplinary hearings.  We also give an overview of how an Employment Tribunal will scrutinise the fairness of the processes adopted and assess the reasonableness of the substantive disciplinary decision.

2. Managing Absenteeism

In this module we guide managers through the processes that must be adopted when dealing with absence related to ill-health.  We will deal with employment related benefits including holiday entitlement and PHI.  We will focus in particular on the factors that must be considered when considering termination of employment on the grounds of long-term ill-health, in particular the utilisation of medical experts and the implications of the Disability Discrimination legislation.

3. Diversity And Discrimination Awareness

In this module we will inform managers of the various legally recognised "strands" of discrimination, and give guidance as to the types of liabilities that can arise in the workplace.  We will give advice as to how managers should tackle discrimination and the implications, financially and otherwise, for the business if equality and diversity is not taken seriously.

4. Handling Grievances

In this module, we will advise managers on how to deal with workplace grievances, both informal and formal.  We will consider how investigations should take place, particularly in sensitive cases and ones which involve allegations of harassment.

5. Transfer of Undertakings – The Practical Implications

This module will provide managers with a sound understanding of the major principles of the "TUPE" legislation, and will also explain in detail the processes that have to be undertaken by both transferors and transferees who are engaged in a "relevant transfer" for the purposes of the TUPE legislation.

6. Redundancy Processes

Managers will learn about the legal aspects of redundancy legislation, and in particular the factors that need to be taken into account in ensuring that any redundancy is carried out fairly, as well as ensuring compliance with any necessary collective consultation legislation.

7. Employee Representative Training

We will offer guidance for employees who are appointed as "employee representatives" under TUPE or redundancy legislation as to their rights, obligations and entitlements consequent upon their appointment.

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