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The Amputee Journey Past Present Future

The Amputee Journey: Past Present Future

Irwin Mitchell are delighted to invite you to a FREE one day conference we are hosting on the Amputee Journey: Past, Present & Future.

The conference will not dwell on the past, but will look at how the past has shaped present and future amputee rehabilitation. The conference will address this journey in terms of social support, funding cuts and medical advancements including osseointegration and future prosthetics. We will be exploring how these have had, and are having, an impact for amputees in today’s society.

We are delighted to welcome a diverse range of speakers, including amputee support groups, medical experts and those who have lived The Amputee Journey. We are delighted to have Dr Munjed Al-Muderis, leading orthopaedic surgeon on osseointegration, presenting on how he believes it is ‘A Game Changer’ for amputees, joining us by Skype from Australia to lead this debate.

Download part 1 of the conference presentation here (467mb).

Download part 2 of the presentation here (99mb).

Old Trafford Manchester
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Kirsty Peters
0161 838 7275

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