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Inclusion works when we bring the things that make people different together, to celebrate what makes everyone unique.

Last year, to celebrate the many benefits that come from being involved with inclusive, feel-good activities that are accessible to all, we launched our Be Part Of It summer of sport in partnership with three hugely inclusive events.

Together we witnessed stunning stories and memorable moments that’ll live long in the memory and we have to take a look back before we can move forward.

The World Para Athletics Championships, Parallel London and the Superhero Series are three very different events but they all have plenty of things in common.

They all promote inclusivity, focus on the ability instead of the disability and proudly bring together people from all over the world to celebrate what is possible with a positive mind set, a super support network and a determination to achieve what to many may seem impossible.

These pages will reflect upon a golden few months of inclusivity, with a focus on spinal cord injuries and the options available for anyone who wants to get involved in sport as part of their rehabilitation to experience the psychological, social and rehabilitative benefits that physical activity brings.

1300 Athletes, 10 Days, 213 Medal Events

World Para Athletes

The first event in our triple header was the record breaking World Para Athletics Championships in London. As the Official Legal Services Provider of the 10 day celebration of disability sport, we worked hard behind the scenes to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible from a legal standpoint.

On the track and in the field the atmosphere was incredible with stars being born, records being broken and fans going wild as the championships gave out 213 medals, featuring over 1,300 athletes.

Our Don’t Quit, Do It ambassador Hannah Cockroft was in sensational form adding another three gold medals to her glittering collection and inspiring potential para athletes up and down the country. If you have a spinal cord injury then wheelchair racing is just one of a number of events held during the championships that you could take part in. There’s also wheelchair football, Boccia and para ice hockey to name just a few sports that could be enjoyed by someone with a spinal cord injury.

Check out our irwinmitchell.com/dqdi to find a sport that’s right for you.

“Wheelchair racing has provided me with some of the greatest moments in my life and I’m determined to help encourage more people to play disability sport.” Hannah Cockroft

Published: 15 March 2018

Focus on Spinal Injury - Spring 2018

  1. The Intro
  2. The Exclusive : Back to the Future
  3. The Expert : In the Spotlight
  4. The Charity : SIA Ride to Transylvania
  5. The Pledge
  6. The Event
  7. Ola's Story

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