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An exclusive interview with Nigel Peake on his son’s achievements.

You must be very proud of what your son has achieved and the fact the exhibition has opened to recognise his work.

I think it’s wonderful - both this exhibition and being offered the Freedom of the City. It means a lot to him, and to us. Chichester is his home city where he went to school, where he did a lot of his youth activities. So, the fact that Chichester is going to all this trouble is magnificent. I hope that it will prove of benefit to all of the youngsters in the area.

Tim’s story is inspirational – what legacy are you all hoping to achieve from this exceptional achievement?

Tim is keen to inspire young people to follow a career in a scientific subject, not necessarily space but science generally. And to realise this is for anybody, for anyone that can put their mind to it. Now that the mission is over and he is back on earth, his work goes on in spreading the message to young people about exciting opportunities – not just in space, but any field that they want to succeed in. That was his big message – I can do it and so can you.

What would be Tim’s one piece of advice his exceptional experience?

His message is simply ‘If you have a dream, follow it’. It could be acting, a politician, whatever you decide to set your dreams on. Tim came up with the famous phrase at one of his press conferences ‘You’re looking at a boy that went to a village primary school, left with three below average A levels’ and has now just come back from a six month mission in space. His phrase was ‘Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do it. You can do anything’. It’s as simple as that. Perseverance and hard work will get you there.

Tim described his journey back to Earth as “the best ride I’ve been on, ever” – what’s the next big ride for Tim now he is back on planet earth?

To go back again, Tim would go back in a heartbeat if he had the opportunity to. He thoroughly enjoyed it and all the experiments. And of course if you go back a second time you are much more efficient, you know where everything is and you settle down much more quickly. Tim would love the opportunity to go back to the International Space Station.

How did it feel, seeing Tim return to earth?

It was another surreal moment in a surreal six months. You suddenly realise that this craft coming down through the atmosphere, hurtling back towards earth, has your son in it, which is quite a strange feeling. It was such a relief when it landed and we could see them pop out of the hatch and see that everything was okay.

An Extraordinary Journey

Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth is proud to sponsor the exhibition ‘An Extraordinary Journey’, celebrating Tim Peake, Britain’s first European Space Agency astronaut. Tim Peake has backed the exhibition launched in December at The Novium Museum in Chichester, his home town. The exhibition recreates Tim’s astronomical adventure and follows his journey into space. His father, Nigel Peake, who still lives in the Chichester District, is part of the project group behind the exhibition.

Visitors can expect to begin their journey of discovery by stepping into the museum’s rocket lift and being transported into the ‘outer space’ level. There they will find out about the Soyuz rocket, watch the moment that Tim was blasted into space, and discover what it’s like to live, eat, sleep and even exercise in the International Space Station.

Craig Marshall, Chief Executive, Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth, said “Celebrating Tim’s exceptional achievement was a fantastic way to mark the end of an exceptional year for the Irwin Mitchell Group.

“Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth is proud to be part of Chichester’s vibrant local community – and we are delighted to be supporting the Tim Peake exhibition.”

Winter 2017

Published: 31/01/2017

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Craig Marshall