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Wills Assured

You may be concerned about what will happen when you’re no longer around, but planning now will make sure your wishes will be carried out as you’d intended.

It’s essential to make sure that your Will is a clear and legal instruction that reflects your wishes. However, it’s also equally as important to make sure your Will is held securely and that your family has ready access to it.

When the time arises, you would want the reassurance that your wishes are carried out effectively and professionally; and to relieve your family of the difficulties and challenges of dealing with these responsibilities at a difficult time.

The Wills Assured Package

To access our Wills Assured package you need to appoint Irwin Mitchell to act as the Executor in your Will. As your Executor, we will be responsible for carrying out your wishes and managing your estate. This includes taking an inventory of your possessions, contacting beneficiaries, distributing your estate and paying any bills, debts, charges and taxes.

The package is available if you’re making your first Will, or if you’d like to update an existing Will.

  • Free lifetime secure Will storage (normally £25 per year)
  • Free standard updates to any subsequent Will(s) (normally from £80 per update)
  • 15% discount on our usual rates for preparation of a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Free quarterly legal newsletter

Secure Storage With Unlimited Updates

It’s important that your Will is stored in a location safe from theft, fire or water damage and that it can be produced following your death in order to make sure your wishes are carried out. Our Wills Assured package includes free lifetime storage at our specialist storage facility, making sure it’s safe and secure.

It’s inevitable that your circumstances will change at some point, and our Wills Assured package ensures that your Will is always up to date, at no extra cost.

Our Promises To You

We’ll talk you through each stage of the Will writing process and will keep things as simple as possible. We’ll always:

  • Put you and your family’s interests first
  • Provide straightforward advice, without any legal jargon

Contact Us About Our Wills Assured Package

Call us on 0370 1500 100 to request a Will writing pack or make or update your Will online using our Will writing form.


*The Wills Assured package is only available if you chose Irwin Mitchell as your Executor. If you wish to appoint Irwin Mitchell as your Executor, please tick the appropriate box in our Will writing form. Details of the service, including fees, will be given on receipt of your Will instructions. You are under no obligation to appoint Irwin Mitchell as your Executor if you do not wish to do so.