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The "Postcode Lottery" Of Rehabilitation

We have helped many clients gain access to vital rehabilitation and support services over the years. However, we have found that the standard of rehabilitation varies hugely across the country and is not always available on the NHS.

Private healthcare providers can often offer an alternative to NHS rehabilitation treatment, but this can be expensive.

Our Research

In February 2013, we launched a national research report: ‘Counting the cost of the rehabilitation postcode lottery for road crash victims’, which painted a national picture of the current use and demand for rehabilitation services in England and Wales.

One year on, we were keen to see if the same conclusions of the original research were the same with those who are working on the frontline in the NHS, the independent and charity sectors, through a series of roundtable discussions.

The aim was to discuss access to rehabilitation in their geographical area, how it could be improved and any positive outcomes for the future.

In this video, Irwin Mitchell Partners Jonathan Peacock and Jonathan Betts discuss the findings of our latest report with Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Peter Tucker from Recolo, as well as the recommendations for improving access to rehabilitation and care across the UK.

To can access a summary on the roundtable discussions, click here to download (PDF).

You can also access our original report. Click here to download an executive summary of the national research report (PDF).

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