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Working out whether you are a UK resident for tax purposes depends on the length of time you spend here in a given year, as well as other considerations such as family and property.

If you are identified as being tax resident, your worldwide income is subject to UK tax. In practice, the UK has “double taxation agreements” with most countries, to avoid situations where you might end up paying tax on the same income in different jurisdictions.

How Our Tax Residence Solicitors Can Help You

Global migration and work are becoming an increasingly common part of modern life. We can help a broad range of clients understand their tax residence status:

  • UK nationals working or living abroad
  • UK nationals moving abroad
  • Returning UK nationals
  • UK residents with property abroad
  • Foreign nationals living in the UK
  • Foreign nationals living elsewhere, but with property in the UK
  • Foreign nationals who have been living in the UK and are moving to another country

Our tax experts have lots of experience in navigating the complexities of UK tax residence and are well placed to help you obtain professional advice as to your obligations if you become tax resident in another country. We provide bespoke tax planning advice based on your individual circumstances.

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