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The internet and ease of international travel make it far easier than ever before for all of us to have friends, relatives and business interests in many different countries across the globe. While this gives us many opportunities for both business and pleasure, it also increases the risk of us running into an international legal issue. Understanding international law can be difficult, especially when there are language barriers or cultural differences. We have years of experience in helping clients with a range of international services, so we can offer expert advice to help you with your international legal issue.

When You Might Need Help With International Issues

There are many reasons why people come to us for help with international issues. If you:

  • Are involved in a dispute over assets held in another country
  • Have been injured when on holiday and are unsure of whether you can claim compensation
  • Are getting divorced or separating and there is an international element to your relationship, if you live abroad or own a home abroad for example

Whatever your circumstances, you need expert legal advice from a firm of solicitors that has been providing international legal services and advice for clients for years. Here at Irwin Mitchell, we have a team of expert, dedicated solicitors who specialise in international issues. We know the laws and we know how best to help you to achieve a positive outcome for your case.

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  • International Personal Injury Claims
    An accident or illness abroad can be a dramatic and stressful experience for you and your family. We have a specialist international travel team that have helped thousands of clients to claim compensation after an accident or illness abroad.
  • Extradition & Mutual Assistance
    We can provide first class advice and representation to people who are facing extradition to or from England and Wales.
  • International Corporate & Financial Crime
    Our lawyers deal with a broad range of national and international criminal investigations, mutual assistance requests and extradition proceedings.
  • International Disputes
    If you’re involved in a dispute with an individual or company abroad, you will need expert help to understand the law and your options.
  • International Family Law
    International lifestyles bring with them international relationships. Sadly, like any relationships, these can break down. When they do, it’s vital to have a law firm that is experienced in dealing with such complex issues.
  • International Regulatory Investigations & Enforcement
    We are regularly instructed in connection with significant criminal frauds. We have extensive familiarity with the investigation methods of both national and international regulators.

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