Irwin Mitchell & Cases Of International Criminal Law

Finding yourself caught up in criminal investigation or litigation overseas can easily become overwhelming. Where language barriers are involved, the circumstances of the case might not always be clear and, for those unfamiliar with international criminal law, you might be confused as to precisely what is being required of you and what your rights are throughout the process.

Whether you are facing extradition or are subject of an international mutual assistance request to provide evidence, information or documents, Irwin Mitchell understand that this can be a time of great stress with repercussions stretching to your personal and professional life. That is why we offer effective and efficient legal assistance abroad to those who find themselves involved in international criminal proceedings.

How Irwin Mitchell Can Help You

We have a number of foreign legal experts on our team, who are ideally positioned to help in cases of international criminal law. We have extensive experience of dealing with international cases of:

  • Criminal litigation
  • Fraud and financial crime
  • Confiscation
  • Restraint and receivership
  • Tax investigations
  • FCA investigations

We also offer representation, guidance and support to those under stress from:

  • Threat of extradition
  • Offering witness testimony
  • Being the subject of a request for evidence and information

How We Work

Our service is professional and sensitive to you and your circumstances. You can rely on us to use our years of experience in cases of international criminal law, to listen carefully to your needs and to offer legal advice that is tailor-made to suit your particular situation abroad.

At Irwin Mitchell, we prioritise clear communication. Our lawyers will explain clearly and concisely your legal position throughout every stage of the process, ensuring you do not get overwhelmed by legal jargon, but will still offer you thorough and effective international legal representation all the way.

We can communicate directly, on your behalf, with national and international police, investigators and prosecuting authorities. We will ensure that your legal needs are met and that your rights remain upheld. We can challenge grounds for extradition or requests to provide evidence, where necessary. Our experts understand the strain of being caught up in criminal cases overseas and will provide simple, practical and reassuring advice at each stage of the process.

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