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Additional Fees - Remortgage

Arranging indemnity (per policy)

There are many reasons that an indemnity policy may be required. If following a review of the title and the search results it becomes apparent that an indemnity policy is required, we will charge of fee of £55 plus VAT per policy. This fee is in respect of obtaining a quotation and a draft policy and forwarding the same to you for review.

We would point out that although in some instances you may not feel a policy is necessary, a policy may be required to protect your lenders’ interests. Please note the fee of £55 plus VAT is for arranging the policy. The cost of the policy itself will be additional and depends on the type of policy required.

Dealing with third party solicitors

If there is a third party solicitor involved in the transaction whom we need to liaise with, we will charge a fee of £100 plus VAT. For example, if you are selling a jointly owned property, and the joint owner instructs their own solicitor.

Expedited completion fee

We will require at least a week to arrange completion to enable us to carry out the final searches, obtain a final redemption figure and draw down your mortgage advance. If there is less than a week to arrange completion due to your requirements we will charge a fee of £150 plus VAT for prioritising your matter.

Leasehold fee

If the property is leasehold we will charge a fee of £95 plus VAT in respect of the additional work involved including reviewing the freeholders title and obtaining evidence that the ground rent is paid to date and confirmation of their notice fees. An additional fee of £150 plus VAT will be charged on top of the leasehold fee if the property is an apartment in respect of the additional correspondence we will need to review from the freeholder and/or management company.

Please note that there may also be notice fees and/or consent fees payable to the freeholder and/or management company on leasehold flats and houses. Notice fees and consent fees are charged at cost where applicable.


If there is a restriction registered against the property title, we will charge a fee of £50 plus VAT to deal with the compliance/removal of the same.

Separate lender representation

If your lender insists on instructing their own Solicitor to represent them we will charge an additional fee of £250 plus VAT, for the additional work involved in complying with the lenders’ solicitors requirements.

Telegraphic transfer fee

Upon completion we will be required to submit the balance required to redeem any existing mortgage to your lender by telegraphic transfer.

Our fee for this service is £40 plus VAT. If there is a surplus due back to you, and you require this by way of a telegraphic transfer, a further fee of £40 plus VAT will be payable.

Third Party Gift

If any funding towards the transaction is being provided by a third party, such as a family member, we will charge a fee of £75 plus VAT. The fee is to cover the cost of our writing to the person providing the funding, checking their identity and their evidence of funds.

Unregistered title

In most cases the title to a property will be registered at the Land Registry. Registration of property had become compulsory following a disposition across all of England and Wales since 1990.

If the title to your property is unregistered we will charge an additional fee of £150 plus VAT. This is for the extra work involved in reviewing the title and submitting the same for first registration following completion.

The table below shows prices per service:

Arranging indemnity(per policy) £55 plus VAT
Dealing with third party solicitors £100 plus VAT
Expediated completion fee £150 plus VAT
Leasehold fee £95 plus VAT
Restrictions £50 plus VAT
Separate lender representation £250 plus VAT
Telegraphic transfer fee £40 plus VAT
Third party gift £75 plus VAT
Unregistered title £150 plus VAT

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