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Louise Forsyth

Senior Associate Solicitor


I am a Senior Associate in the Medical Negligence team in our London office and have specialised in claims for patients since qualifying in 1999.

I have a wide-ranging caseload, including birth injuries (Erbs palsy and perineal damage), surgical cases and claim against GPs. I have a particular interest in Fatal Accident Act claims and inquests.

I'm committed to obtaining answers and, if appropriate, compensation, where someone has suffered the tragic loss of a loved one as a result of poor medical care.

I am also involved in developing and implementing the training programme for our personal injury solicitors at Irwin Mitchell, a very rewarding role, as well as playing a small part in Irwin Mitchell's drive to improve social mobility within the legal profession.

Louise is recommended as an 'up and coming' associate – Legal 500, 2012

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

Well, as a teenager, to be honest, the perceived drama and great suits! Then as a law student I was engrossed by cases involving children and medical decisions and when I finally got to experience clinical negligence claims as part of my training contract, I knew it was the right job for me. Utterly dreadful things happen to our clients and I want to help them get answers and the compensation that can make such a difference.

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

Achieving a good outcome for my clients, be that an explanation of treatment and an understanding as to why things went wrong, or compensation to help rebuild lives.

What Do You Like About Working At Irwin Mitchell?

The commitment of each and every lawyer here at Irwin Mitchell is incredible: commitment to clients and commitment to making a difference. Through what we do, we hope the healthcare system will learn lessons and strive to improve patient safety and it's enormously rewarding to be part of that. Also, the support we receive from a whole raft of different teams is second to none.

What Do You Do Away From The Office?

I am an avid reader and find this a great way to relax and escape. I am also attempting to work my way around every restaurant in London.

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 26/05/2017
    Fiancée Of Man Who Died After Paramedics Failed To Spot Deadly Sepsis Infection, Speaks Out During UK Sepsis Trust Campaign

    “Sepsis is a devastating condition which affects 150,000 people every year in the UK, resulting in 44,000 deaths. This number of people dying from sepsis in the UK is extremely troubling as the condition can be treated by a course of antibiotics if diagnosed quickly. “We have seen numerous cases such as Steven’s where the symptoms of sepsis have not been spotted or where patients have not been started on treatment soon enough. This has a devastating impact on them, and for the family and friends of those who lose their lives as a result. “Through our close work with The UK Sepsis Trust we have seen the urgent need to promote the signs of sepsis and provide early care in the UK and hope that this week’s Wear Orange and Help Mend Sepsis awareness day will raise vital funds to save thousands of lives and improve the outlook for all of those affected.”

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  • 27/10/2016
    Woman Who Had To Sell Home After Op Left Her Disabled Takes Legal Action Against Hospital Trust

    “Diana went to hospital for corrective surgery and left with a life-changing injury from which she will never recover. “Diana led an incredibly full and active life prior to her injury; setting up addiction treatment and rehabilitation units In Afghanistan, hiking, dancing and training in Judo among other pastimes and pursuits. “As a result of her injury, her mobility has been significantly diminished and she had to sell her home as she could no longer cope with the stairs. She has been unable to return to work as a director of a charity and as an expert witness in child abuse cases. “We are investigating her care and working to achieve a fair settlement for her so that she is able to access rehabilitation and any support services or equipment she may need to maintain her independence for the rest of her life.”

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  • 02/12/2015
    Man Suffered Heart Attack And Stroke After Doctors Missed Several Opportunities To Diagnose Him

    “When John’s condition was finally diagnosed in 2010 he was in a critical condition and had to have a pacemaker and a defibrillator fitted and also was forced to give up his job as it would put too much strain on his heart. “There was a missed opportunity for medical staff to diagnose and treat John’s heart condition. The Trust breached their own protocol as to the management of chest pain patients. The A&E doctor should have come to see John himself; had he done so, he would have discovered that John had several risk factors for a cardiac cause to his pain, including high cholesterol and a brother who had had heart bypass surgery at 47. “It would have been clear that John needed to be admitted to hospital for exploratory tests and examinations to determine the cause of his pain. He should not have been sent away to see a GP who would have been reassured by the fact A&E had not considered John’s condition to be related to his heart. If John had been admitted, his heart condition would have been diagnosed and treatment would have been started, preventing his heart attack and stroke in 2010. “We are pleased that the judge has highlighted significant failings and the missed opportunities by doctors to diagnose and treat his condition. When John was finally diagnosed in 2010 the damage to his heart was extensive and irreparable. He now needs regular check-ups and daily medication to ensure that his condition remains stable. John was a hardworking self-employed man and has had to give up the job he loved. “John’s case highlights the importance of taking a full and thorough history from a patient and ensuring a patient is seen by the right medical professional. It highlights the importance of diagnosing medical conditions at the earliest opportunity to prevent significant and sometimes life-threatening damage.”

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  • 27/10/2015
    Man Died After Six-Hour Treatment Delay As Medics Failed To Diagnose Sepsis

    “Steven’s family have been left completely heartbroken after losing him – it has been incredibly difficult for them to not only having to try to cope with their loss but also come to terms with the fact that more could and should have been done to help him. “I would like to thank the Coroner for conducting a thorough investigation into Steven’s death. The East of England Ambulance NHS Trust carried out their own Serious Untoward Incident report which found that ambulance staff identified his condition as a viral infection and did not notice the signs of sepsis – which, if treated properly, would have saved his life. “We are continuing to work with the family who are desperate to ensure that lessons are learned from his case and that patient safety is improved to prevent other people suffering the same problems that he endured.”

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