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Compensation For Family After Father Of Two Dies Due To Negligent Surgical Treatment

Our medical negligence solicitors have secured a substantial settlement for the family of a man who tragically died of a heart attack after a series of errors at hospital.

Robert was a 40-year-old husband and father of two young children. Robert had gone to A&E at Kingston Hospital after suffering from chest pains. He was taken in for an angiogram to test the blood flow in his veins. The test involves injecting a special dye into a vein and using X-ray imaging to see how the dye moves through the body.

A vein was perforated during the procedure, causing internal bleeding. Robert was urgently transferred to St George’s Hospital for surgery to repair the damage but the surgery was not performed correctly and the internal bleeding continued. His condition deteriorated and he ultimately suffered a heart attack and died.

Robert’s widow, Jane, contacted our medical negligence solicitors and we represented her at an inquest into her husband’s death. It was a very distressing experience for our client as what was supposed to be a one day inquest turned into a protracted ordeal.

When the Coroner delivered their conclusion five months later, we were concerned that the cause of death recorded did not account for the impact of the internal bleeding caused during Robert’s time in hospital. Instead, the pathologist suggested that an underlying heart condition was the cause of death – something he had changed his mind about during the course of the inquest.

Our team disagreed with the pathologist and alleged that negligent surgery at St. George’s Hospital was the cause of death. We made a compensation claim against the hospital to help the widow and her family with the costs and loss of income they have faced.

Robert had been the sole director of a successful accountancy firm. The family was heavily reliant on his income and financial skills and he dealt with all of the family finances and household admin. Robert & Jane also owned several properties which Robert had managed to help bring in extra money.

Before Robert’s death, Jane had focused on raising their children and worked part-time in an administrative role at Robert’s accountancy practice. She found it increasingly difficult to keep the business going after Robert passed and eventually had no option but to sell.

Robert’s vital role within the family was also lost. He was a loving father who was heavily involved in his children’s academic studies and hobbies. He had also provided help and support to his elderly mother, who had some health difficulties.

The settlement that we have negotiated will help Jane continue to run her home and care for her family without Robert’s income and support. A proportion of the settlement has also been invested for the children’s future, which they will be able to access once they turn 18.

If you have lost a loved one due to surgical negligence, our surgery negligence lawyers may be able to help you get answers and make a compensation claim. See our Fatal Medical Negligence Claims & Inquests page for more information.

Robert and Jane are not the couple's real names

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