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I have been the head of Irwin Mitchell's International Travel Litigation Group since it was founded in 1997. Since then the team and I have successfully represented many thousands of clients with illness or injury claims arising in virtually every part of the world.

I have also acted in a number of cases where record awards of damages have been won for my clients, and I have been fortunate enough to act in a number of precedent setting legal decisions. I specialise in high value claims including fatal accidents and acting for clients who have suffered severe brain or spinal injury.

I have also represented thousands of UK and foreign victims in around 200 group actions in the UK and overseas including group claims arising from several aviation and maritime disasters, around 20 separate coach crashes, a number of terrorist incidents (including the Manchester city centre bombing and 9/11) and many group action illness claims including outbreaks of legionnaire disease, E-coli and salmonella.


"Clive Garner brings his deep understanding of the global aviation industry to bear in addressing legal issues involved in making compensation claims. He is a strategic thinker with a clear focus on achieving the best result for his clients within the shortest possible time." - Chambers & Partners, 2019

"The godfather of travel" and "a colossus of claimant personal injury work", Clive is "very knowledgeable, and the interests of his clients are always at his heart." – Chambers & Partners, 2017

"A senior lawyer with extraordinary skills" and clients appreciate that he is "very familiar with cross-border cases; he knows the EU and US jurisdictions like the back of his hand." – Chambers & Partners 2016

Has "a well-deserved and leading reputation as one of the foremost international personal injury lawyers in the country". - Legal 500, 2018/19

A "lateral thinker and solves problems through an indirect and creative approach’; he ‘knows international and supranational law like the back of his hand’". He has "extremely good strength in depth that few others match" and "has a well-deserved and leading reputation as one of the foremost lawyers in this area" - Legal 500, 2017

Clive Garner is a "game changer, who knows foreign and international law like the back of his hand" and "always aims to get the best possible result for his clients" – Legal 500 2015


  • Author of the Travel Law chapter of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers' Guide, "Personal Injury Law, Practice and Precedents"
  • Contributor to and Co-Editor of “Personal Injury Compensation In Europe", and “Fatal Accidents and Secondary Victims"
  • Author of a number of published articles in England and the USA on a range of topics relating to claiming damages following personal injury or death

What Inspired You To Get Into Law?

My father was very seriously injured in a road traffic accident when I was a young boy. His life and the lives of every member of my family were radically changed overnight and were never the same again. I went into the law to help people who had been through similar experiences.

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Role?

I am very lucky, as a lot of my clients have been truly incredible people and have been a real inspiration to me. The most rewarding part of my role is achieving the best results possible for all of my clients and helping them get their lives back on track.

What Do You Like About Working At Irwin Mitchell?

I have been a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell for nearly 20 years now and I never cease to be amazed by the fantastic results that my Partners and colleagues achieve for their clients every single day. I am very proud to be a partner in a firm where I am surrounded by so many exceptionally talented and dedicated lawyers.    

What Do You Do Away From The Office?

I probably don't do enough out of the office but I try and keep relatively fit and enjoy music, cinema and travel.

Read My Comments On The Latest News

  • 01/07/2019
    First British Family Commence Legal Action in USA following Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Crash

    “While the official accident investigation continues, the exact cause or causes of the Ethiopian Airlines disaster remains unknown. Despite this sufficient evidence is now available to enable proceedings to be commenced against both Boeing and Rosemount Aerospace. These proceedings have now been filed in the Federal Court in Chicago.. “The proceedings involve allegations of a catalogue of serious failures by Boeing. The allegations include criticism of Boeing’s decision to fit new, larger engines to the existing 737 airframe. These engines altered the aircraft’s handling characteristics and, in particular, caused the nose of the aircraft to pitch upwards in the period following take off, increasing the risk of an engine stall. To reduce this risk Boeing introduced a new software system called MCAS which automatically pitched the nose of the aircraft downwards when the Angle of Attack Sensors fitted to the aircraft signalled that the angle of the aircraft was too steep. "However, it is also alleged that the MCAS software was faulty and it is now being re-designed. Further, pilots of the new MAX 8 aircraft were not made sufficiently aware of the operation of the new software and were not adequately trained to deal with a situation like the one that arose on flight ET302. “To compound matters, an Angle of Attack Disagree Light, fitted as standard to previous 737 aircraft, was not fitted to the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft. The Disagree Light could have alerted the pilots to a problem with one of the Angle of Attack Sensors which in turn may have caused them to take alternative action to save the aircraft. The Disagree light was only made available by Boeing on the 737 MAX 8 as an optional extra. “Rosemount Aerospace is also a defendant in the proceedings. Rosemount manufactured the aircraft’s Angle of Attack Sensors, at least one of which appears to have been faulty. The sensor sent inaccurate information to the MCAS system which repeatedly pitched the nose of the aircraft downwards, over-ruling the actions of the pilots who repeatedly tried to gain altitude to avoid the aircraft hitting the ground.” “This is a small selection of the list of allegations we are making against Boeing and Rosemount Aerospace and the entire fleet of MAX 8 aircraft are still grounded World-wide pending remedial work to satisfy the Federal Aviation Authority and other Regulators who have banned the continued use of the aircraft in their airspace.”

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  • 04/04/2019
    Ethiopian Airways Crash: Boeing To Answer “Significant Questions” Regarding 737 MAX 8 Safety

    “It is very welcome to see investigators working swiftly to issue information regarding the Ethiopian Airlines crash, but their preliminary conclusions raise significant concerns. “The primary findings show that the Ethiopian Airways’ pilots correctly and repeatedly followed the flight procedures recommended by Boeing. Despite their efforts they were unable to control the aircraft and prevent it from crashing with the loss of all 157 passengers and crew onboard “Boeing has previously maintained that pilots could disable the controversial MCAS system, which in effect pushes the nose of the aircraft down, by following their standard flight operating procedures. We are keen to hear Boeing’s reaction to today’s announcement from investigators working on the Ethiopian Airways crash which appears to contradict Boeing’s previous statement. “Since the Crash of Ethiopian Airways Flight 302 Boeing has agreed to alter their onboard software systems and introduce a number of other important safety features to the 737 Max 8. We obviously welcome all changes which will improve future flight safety. Despite this, significant questions remain as to why these steps had not been taken earlier and whether earlier implementation could have saved the lives of 338 innocent people who perished on board the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airways flights."

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  • 02/04/2019
    Boeing 737 MAX 8 Safety: Lawyer Backs Changes But Warns Move ‘Raises Further Questions’

    “While investigations into both tragedies are still ongoing and there are no conclusions as to the precise causes of the crashes, we welcome the steps being taken by Boeing to improve safety on the 737 MAX 8. “Despite these welcome improvements questions will rightly be asked as to why these improvements are only being made now and whether these two terrible aviation disasters could have been avoided if these simple steps had been taken earlier. “The fundamental priority at this point remains understanding exactly what went wrong during these two flights. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that Boeing, a company with a world-wide reputation for their aircraft, will face some tough questions in the weeks and months to come. “Every effort must now be made to ensure that the many families affected by the two recent tragedies involving this aircraft get the answers they deserve about what happened and what is being done to prevent similar tragedies happening again.”

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  • 14/07/2017
    Tunisia Terror Attack Coroner Concerned Tour Operators Not Made Safety Changes

    “These were both areas that were flagged during the Inquest in respect of two of the UK’s largest travel companies, Thomson and First Choice, which are both within the TUI group of companies. While we are very glad TUI has now apparently addressed these concerns, those changes are clearly too late for our clients who lost their loved ones in Sousse and for the many seriously injured survivors who we represent. “We, and our clients, now consider that that is of vital importance that these lessons are learned by all tour operators and that these changes are implemented where needed throughout the travel industry without any further delay.”

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