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'Lessons Must Be Learned' Following Conclusion Of Bradford Grooming Case

Lawyers React After Nine Men Are Jailed In Relation To Abuse


Andrew Hewitt, Press Officer | 0114 274 4255

Lawyers who specialise in providing support to survivors of abuse have called for lessons to be learned after nine men were convicted for offences related to the grooming and sexual exploitation of two teenage girls in Bradford.

The men were found guilty of a range of offences including rape and inciting child prostitution following a trial held at Bradford Crown Court, with each of them receiving jail terms which ranged from 18 months to 20 years. A tenth individual was cleared of rape.

The BBC reports how the trial heard how the girls were both 14 and living in a children’s home when they first met the men in 2008, with the prosecutor Karma Melly QC outlining how the teenagers were exploited through a combination of violent behaviour, alcohol, drugs and manipulation.

Concerns about the abuse emerged in 2014 after one of the women saw reports related to the grooming and abuse of girls in Rotherham and asked her partner to contact the BBC.

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Expert Opinion
“It is hugely worrying to see yet another disturbing abuse case of this nature emerge and it has concerning echoes of some of the major grooming cases which have come to light in recent years.

“However, it is vital that action related to this case does not stop with the conviction of the individuals involved. Every effort must be made to learn lessons from what occurred here and to ensure that any failings are simply not repeated again in the future.

“We would also urge anyone affected by similar problems or any other form of abuse to not suffer in silence and recognise that the authorities will treat your story and experiences with the utmost care and sensitivity.”
Tom Fletcher, Associate Solicitor

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