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Irwin Mitchell Named A 2019 Business Superbrand

UK Business Professionals And Experts Vote For Irwin Mitchell In The Latest Annual Ranking Of The UK’s Strongest Business-To-Business Brands


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

Superbrands revealed today that Irwin Mitchell has been awarded Business Superbrands status for 2019.

The Business Superbrands survey has been tracking the perception of a wide-range of business brands in the UK since 2001. This year’s survey evaluated just shy of 1,600 brands across 63 categories from ‘Accountancy & Business Services’ to ‘Waste Management & Recycling’. Only the most highly-regarded brands from each category are awarded Superbrand status.

The research process was managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA) in partnership with Dynata, one of the world’s leading data research companies. It follows a voting process involving 2,500 UK business professionals, supplemented by an expert council comprising 24 senior business-to-business marketing leaders,

All voters were asked to judge brands against the three core factors inherent in a Superbrand: quality, reliability and distinction. Additionally, brand perception and voting by individuals is also influenced by a range of both short and long-term factors, from the brand’s current profile to its latest marketing activities and new product and service developments, giving a holistic picture of how brands are currently perceived.

Unusually for an industry award, brands do not pay or apply to be considered - in order to provide a broad review of the market and identify the strongest brands in each category, all the key players in each sector need to be voted on.

Irwin Mitchell provides a wide range of legal and related financial services to both individuals and businesses. 

Expert Opinion
“People trust strong brands because they know that they stand for something and appreciate what they represent. Our client feedback is excellent and we are seeing an increasing number of people instructing us for several different legal issues, both to support their business and in their personal lives.

“Our brand awareness is increasing year-on-year and we are proud to be recognised as a Superbrand alongside some of the world’s best known businesses.”
David Ward, Group Sales and Marketing Director

Stephen Cheliotis, CEO of The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA) and Chairman of Superbrands comments: “In unsettled times, businesses that are well-regarded and possess a positive reputation benefit from competitive advantage over weaker branded rivals, providing greater immunity against short-term market volatility. 

“Being perceived by buyers and influencers as a leading Business Superbrand is a positive business signal, while also recognition of the hard-work and dedication of the employees of each business attaining Superbrands status.”

The top three Business Superbrands for 2019 are Apple, Microsoft and Emirates with LEGO named as the number one Consumer Superbrands according to British consumers.