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Lawyers Instructed After Woman’s Stay At Five-Star Tenerife Resort Is Ruined By Gastric Illness

Call For Answers Regarding Illness suffered At GF Gran Costa Adeje


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A woman whose week-long stay at a holiday resort in Tenerife earlier this year was ruined when she developed serious gastric illness problems has called on specialist lawyers to help her gain answers regarding her experience.

Lexi Viviana, 42, from Nottinghamshire fell ill with symptoms including sickness and diarrhoea just two days into her stay at the five-star GF Gran Costa Adeje with her son Kaylan, which was booked through TUI UK Limited, in the middle of May.

The problems proved so severe that they significantly impacted on her enjoyment of the rest of the holiday, while she also sought medical treatment both at the resort and on her return to the UK.

She has now called on Irwin Mitchell’s specialist holiday illness team to investigate the issues she faced and help her gain answers regarding whether more could have been done to prevent the illness she suffered.

The legal experts have successfully represented thousands of holidaymakers who have seen their precious time at holiday resorts and on cruise ships across the globe disrupted by serious illness problems.

Amandeep Samra, the specialist lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who is representing Lexi, said: 

Expert Opinion
“Through our work we have seen the huge impact that holiday illnesses can have and we are very concerned by the account provided to us by our client.

“We are already investigating the issues which have been raised and are determined to help her gain answers regarding the illness she suffered from. As part of our enquiries, we would be keen to hear from anyone else who may also have been affected.”
Amandeep Samra, Associate Solicitor

Lexi’s stay at the GF Gran Costa Adeje with her son began on May 15th and it was just two days later that she first started to suffer symptoms that went on to impact on the rest of the holiday.

She said: “The illness was awful and it really made it hard for me to get any enjoyment out of the whole holiday. This was meant to be a special time abroad for me and my son but it was just ruined.

“Some of the food provided was terrible and on occasions undercooked. I had a chicken dish which was served undercooked and on some occasions food was left uncovered and seemed as though it was re-heated. The food on many occasions was served lukewarm and not piping hot as you would expect it.”

She added: “The poolside area was littered with empty glasses and plates. I did not see much cleaning going on.   

“I am just hugely frustrated to have spent money on a holiday which will now only be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. We deserve some answers regarding what has happened and what caused me to fall ill.”

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