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Brain Injury Survivor Starts Walking Despite Doctors’ Belief He Would Never Walk Or Feed Himself Again


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

A brain injury survivor is now making strides to increase his independence despite his doctors’ belief he would never walk or feed himself again after a hit and run nine years ago left him with devastating injuries.

Michael Davies, from Sandwell, was 22-years-old when he was hit by a car whilst a pedestrian. He sustained such severe head injuries he was left with significant physical and cognitive disabilities and was unable to walk or do anything for himself.

His family instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help Michael access the best rehabilitation and support as he battled to overcome his injuries.  They successfully secured Michael a significant settlement to help cover the costs of his recovery which is now being managed by Irwin Mitchell’s Court of Protection team to ensure it lasts for the rest of his life.

Now, nine years on from the crash which almost claimed his life, Michael is making strides to increase his independence as far as possible– something he celebrated by walking into his local pub with his support workers and ordering lunch.

Speaking as part of Action for Brain Injury Week, Michael’s mum, Margaret, said: “It’s been an absolute miracle.  We call him miracle Michael.

“He has come along leaps and bounds with his recovery. We cannot wait to find a suitable bungalow for him to move into with his care team.

“I can’t thank Voyage enough for what they have done for Michael; the entire team are such lovely and caring people.”

Doctors were doubtful that Michael would ever recover, after six frustrating years with little change.  But in early 2016 Michael’s condition began to improve and he was eventually able to have his feeding tubes removed.

By late 2016 the 29-year-old was using his wheelchair less and was literally making strides with his mobility, regularly visiting his local pub for meals with staff and fellow residents at Voyage Care Home.

As well as moving into Voyage Care Home Michael is now forging ahead with plans to start swimming and horse riding as part of Irwin Mitchell’s Don’t Quit Do It campaign; an initiative encouraging and inspiring people to get involved in sport and to show that there is help and support out there for people who need it.

Expert Opinion
Due to the nature of our work, we see many people in Michael’s position where life has been turned upside-down by serious injury or illness.

"It’s our job in the Court of Protection team to ensure that Michael’s personal injury settlement lasts for his lifetime and is used to cover the costs of his rehabilitation, specialist equipment and any adaptations he may need for his housing.

“To see someone come back from a brain injury like Michael’s is nothing short of inspirational and proof that there can be life after serious injury.

“We are really looking forward to seeing Michael take to the swimming pool and are proud to support him as he looks to move into a specially adapted property with support.”
Rachael Adams, Associate

Kate Hewson, an Associate Solicitor with the serious injury team at Irwin Mitchell who represented Michael in his personal injury claim said: “The experts for both Michael and the insurer were of the view that although it had been some years since the accident, Michael had potential to improve with specialist brain injury rehabilitation. 

“The settlement we secured for Michael means that he can now access that rehabilitation with the help and expertise from our Court of Protection team.  I recently went to see Michael in his placement at Voyage and was thrilled to see how far he had come.”

Action for Brain Injury Week 2018 is organised by Headway and runs between May 14 and 20. A strand of this year’s campaign focuses on how people adapt to their brain injury as they regain more confidence and independence.