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Woman Issues Safety Warning After Beauty Treatment Left Her With Bruised And Swollen Face

Personal Injury Lawyers At Irwin Mitchell Instructed To Investigate ‘Nightmare’ Facial Injections


A woman has instructed specialist personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate how she was left with severe facial swelling and bruising following a beauty treatment.

Chloe Davies said she was left in a great deal of pain and had problems eating and drinking after she underwent a dermal fillers procedure at her home in Walton, Liverpool.

The 32-year-old suffered bruising and swelling to her lips and under her eyes and took a week off work following the Juvederm ULTRA 4 treatment performed by Forever Young Aesthetics Ltd. 

Chloe, an administrator, is now hoping for answers as to what caused her injuries after instructing Irwin Mitchell to investigate the circumstances of her treatment. Forever Young Aesthetics has denied liability.

Michael Burgess, expert personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing Chloe, said: “Cosmetic procedures such as the one Chloe underwent are becoming increasingly popular but unfortunately so are the number of complaints from people unhappy at the results.

“We are investigating Chloe’s concerns. If our investigations find any failings in Chloe’s treatment it is vital that Forever Young Aesthetics takes measures to ensure nobody else suffers unnecessary pain and discomfort.

“We would always recommend that such treatments are only carried out by a trained and qualified healthcare professional, in an appropriate clinical setting and only after a thorough consultation.

“The effects of badly carried out beauty treatments can last permanently.”

Chloe underwent the anti-wrinkle treatment on 24 March, 2017. Immediately after having Juvederm ULTRA 4 injected into her lip Chloe said she started to experience pain.

Later that day she visited B City Clinics in the city with her concerns.

Chloe has spent several hundreds of pounds in an attempt to reverse the effects of the dermal fillers.

Almost one year on Chloe says she is still experiencing pain in her face, especially around her lips and eyes; she is hopeful that in time she will be symptom free.

Chloe said: “As soon as I had the fillers I thought something was wrong.  My lips and eyes were throbbing and I could hardly focus my sight on anything.

“I was in so much pain that I was unable to work and even if I had been able to leave the house I wouldn’t have because of the way I looked.

“The last few months have been a nightmare but I now just want to find out what caused me to suffer my injuries.

“My experience has left me weary of having other beauty treatments. It’s important that people fully understand the potential risks and side effects of having beauty treatments and seek expert professional advice before committing to anything.”

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