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Man Speaks Of Relief After Attacker Is Sentenced

Robert Giles Was Attacked In Bakewell In August 2015


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A man who sustained numerous injuries in a vicious assault in Bakewell has spoken of his relief after his attacker was found guilty at Derby Crown Court and sentenced.

Robert Giles, 74, from Bakewell, in the Derbyshire Dales, had been into the town centre when he was assaulted by Graham Webb, in an alleyway between Portland Square and Water Lane in Bakewell.

Robert, who had sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in a previous assault in 2006, suffered a fractured skull, broken jaw and a broken cheek during the assault by Webb. In addition to his physical injuries, the assault by Webb led to a further worsening of Robert’s previous brain injury which means he struggles even more with confusion and forgetfulness. 

His vision and balance have also been worsened following the assault as well as there being an adverse effect on his mental health and anxiety.

He has instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell LLP in Sheffield to help him get the support and rehabilitation he needs to overcome the trauma of the attack and to aid his recovery from his severe physical injuries.

On Tuesday, 9th August 2017, Webb, 59 from Bakewell, was found guilty of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm at Derby Crown Court. Today, Webb was given a 14 months custodial sentence and was ordered to pay legal costs.

Robert said: “It is a relief that Webb was found guilty however no sentence can undo the injuries he inflicted upon me.

“The guilty verdict, and today’s sentencing have provided me with some closure and I am now determined to focus on the future and my recovery.”

Robert recalled to the police that during the assault, due to the force of the punches, his head banged against the wall in the alley. 

Rachel Cox, a specialist serious injury solicitor at Irwin Mitchell LLP representing Robert, said: 

Expert Opinion
“This was a mindless act of violence which left Robert with very serious injuries and we are pleased that the assailant was found guilty.

“The vicious assault that he endured has had a huge effect on his life, leaving him with very severe injuries.

“Head and brain injuries can have such a devastating effect on both individuals and their families. The most serious injuries can cause long term disability leaving those injured needing 24 hour care and rehabilitation for life. We are working with Robert to get him access to the specialist support that he needs.”
Rachel Cox, Solicitor

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