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Irwin Mitchell Announces More Than 100 Associate And Senior Associate Promotions

Female Employees Make Up Two Thirds Of Promotions


David Shirt, Press Officer | 0161 838 3094

Irwin Mitchell has announced that over 100 of its employees across its legal and group services teams have been promoted to either associate or senior associate.

Out of the 117 promotions announced today, 63 individuals have been made up to associate whilst an additional 54 have been promoted to senior associate.

In addition to making a record number of associate promotions for the fifth year in a row, the announcement again highlights the diversity within the Group with two thirds of the successful candidates being female.

In total, 47 personal injury, 28 business and 10 private wealth lawyers from across 13 offices have been promoted. There are nine promotions within Irwin Mitchell’s Group companies, Ascent and IM Asset Management, as well 23 from group services - the business support function which includes marketing, IT, finance, Risk and Compliance and HR.

Group Chief Executive Andrew Tucker said he was proud to be announcing the promotions, particularly as they recognise Irwin Mitchell’s strength in depth and its continued focus on developing talent from within.   

Expert Opinion
“I’m delighted to confirm and congratulate over 100 new associates and senior associates at Irwin Mitchell. Once again, the successful candidates reflect the range and breadth of talent that we have across the Group.

“Irwin Mitchell is a business that has always evolved to meet new challenges and in order to ensure we continue to do this, we believe it is vital to not only recognise but continually invest in our senior members of staff.

“Developing our people is a key priority for Irwin Mitchell because they’re the ones who’ll drive us forward and deliver success for our clients. We have invested heavily in providing a clear pathway for our people to progress, and we look forward to ensuring that our new associates and senior associates are supported on the next step of their career journey.”
Andrew Tucker, Group Chief Executive & Partner

From Business Legal Services (BLS) division, the newly promoted senior associates are Emma Windle, Craig Weston and Tina Lakhani (Criminal & Regulatory Investigations), Aurelia Butler Ball (Commercial), Charlotte Sloan, Hannah Clifford, Jennifer Walton and Padma Tadi (Employment),  Alexander Wild and Amy Keogh (Insolvency), Rob Coleridge, Clementine Burch and Thomas Barnard (Litigation), Sarah Field-Blesic (Operations) and Clare Davitt (Real Estate).

Also from BLS, the new associates are Ailsa Anderson (Litigation), George De Silvo and Ben Gale (Corporate), Ruth Butt, Rebecca Denvers, Leanne Moretta and Rachel Hetherington (Employment),  Sophie Shuttleworth (Insolvency), Emily Sinclair, Daniel Woolnough, Polly Hooper, Vanessa Horn and Lorraine Rose (Real Estate). 

The newly promoted Private Wealth associates are Christine McClenaghan and Joanna Themistokli (Residential Property) Kirstie Williamson, Sarah Paton and Ben Xu (Tax, Trusts and Estates - TTE), Maisie Huynh and Joanne Warnock (Family). The senior associates are Ravi Francis (TTE), Hannah Saxe and Hayley Trim (Family).

The senior associates in Personal Injury are Katie Strong (Court of Protection), Amanda Marsh (Military), Hayley Hill, Nicola Maier and Simone Hardy (Workplace Illness), Cheryl Palmer-Hughes (International Personal Injury), Louise Forsyth, Lauren Hurney, Jenna Harris, Laura Daly, Lindsey Henderson, Anna Stacey and Georgina Houston (Medical Negligence), Claire Pilsworth, David Withers, Richard Biggs, Matthew Garson, Keith Cundall, Lucy Lenehan, Jane Pyrah and David Bell (Serious Injury).

The new associates in Personal Injury are Victoria Ward, Lucy Bloom, David Threadingham, Rachel Conroy and Guy Rust (Court of Protection), Jodie Davis and David Wright (Costs) Alex Shorey and Emma Crowther (Workplace Illness), Rachael Pavey (International Personal Injury), Matthew Newbould (Group Actions), Anna Pask, Stephanie Pelling, David King, Joanne Witherington and Rebecca Maddock (Serious Injury), Eleanor Parkin, Sarah Wealleans, Camilla Coulter, Sally Simpson, Samuel Hill, Ross McWilliams and Jennifer Craven (Medical Negligence), Samantha Patrick, Caroline Barrett (Public Law) and Katy Bailey (Fast Track).

The new Group Services senior associates are Robert Cowling (Sales & Marketing), Jayne Barton (Operations), Eamon Kelly, David Belfield and Karen Noice (Finance), Wayne Neely (IT), Karen Causier, Marianne Buckley and Laura Rooks (Risk & Compliance). The new group services associates are Thomas Lindsay, Helen York and Sarah Wilson (IT),  Melanie Bancroft, Christian Betts, Tom Richardson, Natalie Thorpe and Louise Strutt (Sales & Marketing), Sharon Heelam (Risk & Compliance), Tim Cotgreave (Operations), Ryan Rowland, Nick Rogers, Philippa Latham (Finance) and Jill Henderson (HR).

In the Irwin Mitchell Group subsidiary companies, the new senior associates are Christian Driffield, Shilpi Jairath and Adele Lomas( Ascent), Lewis Giaramita, John Gillies and Jeff Lader (Irwin Mitchell Asset Management). The new associates are Neil Patterson and John Di Paola (Ascent), Steven Balmer (Irwin Mitchell Asset Management).