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Lawyers Representing Gary Cliffe Praise Bravery Of All Victims In Coming Forward To Bring Bennell To Justice

More Victims Have Come Forward Since Bennell Was Found Guilty


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Specialist abuse lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are representing several former footballers who have been abused including some abused by Bennell. The law firm has already received further enquiries for support since Bennell was found guilty last Thursday.

Christopher Hurlston, an associate solicitor at Irwin Mitchell representing two of Bennell’s victims, said: 

Expert Opinion
“Since he was found guilty, we have already been contacted by those who allege that they too were abused by Bennell. As well as being contacted by others who were abused while playing junior football by adults that exploited their position of power to commit horrendous acts. The scale of the problem is horrific and those who have helped bring Bennell to justice deserve great credit for the bravery they have shown.

“We welcome the sentence that has been handed down today. It represents justice for those who were victims of Bennell’s crimes, both those who have come forward and those who are yet to.

“To those people who are yet to come forward, today’s sentence sends out a supportive message. A message which states you will be believed and supported should you choose to come forward and you can have confidence in the justice system to hold criminals, like Bennell, to account.

“Abuse survivors often suffer in silence and we praise the bravery of those who have come forward in this case, showing extreme courage to speak out about the abuse they suffered and to ensure that Bennell was brought to justice.”
Chris Hurlston, Associate Solicitor