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Couple Who Nearly Lost Six-Year-Old Daughter To Brain Infection Use World Encephalitis Day To Raise Awareness Of The Condition

Parents Share Their Daughter’s Story After Instructing Irwin Mitchell


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

A couple whose daughter suffered encephalitis at the age of six are using World Encephalitis Day to raise awareness of the condition.

Alex*, was a healthy, active child but in January 2008 her demeanour changed and she became tired, extremely quiet, and developed abdominal pains. Alex’s GP put this down to constipation but a month later, Alex was violently sick and returning home, her parents put her to bed.

The following morning, Alex’s parents found her unresponsive in bed, with her lack of movement suggesting she may have had a fit.

Her parents called an ambulance and she was blue-lighted to hospital. Unfortunately, on arrival Alex’s height and weight were not taken so when a possible diagnosis of meningo encephalitis was given, there are questions over whether Alex received the correct type and dosage of medication.

Alex’s parents have instructed law firm Irwin Mitchell to challenge the Local Authority Assessments in relation to Alex’s case.

The couple are using World Encephalitis Day on Thursday 22 February to spread awareness of the condition, a devastating brain infection that only two out of 10 people on average in the UK know about.

Irwin Mitchell support The Encephalitis Society, a charity which provides funding, information and a support network to the 6,000 people across the UK that have survived encephalitis and continue to live with the effects.

In the build-up to World Encephalitis Day, Irwin Mitchell colleagues helped the charity to walk the equivalent of the world – 52 million steps – using the charity’s BrainWalk app to raise awareness of the condition. In November last year, six of the law firm’s offices also raised over £6,000 for The Encephalitis Society as they stepped up to the charity’s accumulator challenge which asked people to raise as much money as they could in 30 days from a £30 stake.

Expert Opinion
“We’re proud to have worked with The Encephalitis Society for a number of years now and supported many of their fundraising activities to help raise the profile of the amazing work they carry out on a daily basis for so many people.

“When it comes to children, the effects of encephalitis can continue to manifest for many years after they have suffered illness. It can develop in a part of a child’s brain that has yet to grow fully and the impact this can have on that area of the brain is not realised until later in life.

“This is why we support The Encephalitis Society and have specialist teams in place so clients like Alex can access the help and educational support that they require.”
Richard Kayser, Associate Solicitor

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity.