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Birmingham Lawyers Hold Donation Week To Support NHS Blood And Transplant

Irwin Mitchell Employees Donate Blood To Raise Awareness Of Vital Service


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

Employees from Irwin Mitchell’s office in Birmingham took a break from their legal work to donate life-saving blood to the NHS Blood and Transplant team.

Following the employees’ visit to the Donor Centre on New Street, the blood will be used by the NHS to help patients who’ve suffered medical emergencies or require long-term treatments.

In the run up to the event, representatives from NHS Blood and Transplant visited Irwin Mitchell’s office in the city centre to deliver a seminar on the importance of recruiting new donors. During the session a patient gave an inspiring talk on the crucial role of blood donations in her battle to overcome cancer.

Mark Cawley, a personal injury solicitor at the firm helped organise the event and donated blood himself.

Expert Opinion
We were delighted to support the Birmingham Donor Centre recently. The service provides critical support to patients and hearing how many lives could be saved from our blood donations was truly inspiring. The response from my colleagues has been fantastic and the service now has lots of new donors.”
Mark Cawley, Associate

Stuart Henderson, Managing Partner of Irwin Mitchell’s Personal Injury team, and the Regional Managing Partner for Irwin Mitchell in Birmingham said: “Unfortunately, due to the work we do with clients who have suffered serious injuries or those with medical conditions, we see first-hand the life-saving difference blood donations can make.

“I’m extremely proud of the effort my colleagues have put in to support the NHS Blood and Transplant services and the communities they serve.

“I hope others will be inspired by the donation week we’ve held at Irwin Mitchell and go on to give blood themselves.”

Shailesh Mistry, NHS Blood and Transplant’s Deputy Marketing Operations Manager for the West said: “We’re extremely grateful to all of the staff at Irwin Mitchell who helped save lives by giving blood this week. The blood donated will act as a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments.

“We always need new people in Birmingham to start donating blood to ensure that blood stocks are healthy now and in the future. I hope that the staff from Irwin Mitchell have inspired people to donate blood with the knowledge that their donations save lives and it is an easy things to do.”

You can register as a blood donor or find out about local sessions in your area by visiting www.blood.co.uk.