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Mum Recalls Horror of Fatal Crash Caused by Driver Who Fell Asleep While Behind The Wheel

Mother Seriously Hurt in Crash Backs Irwin Mitchell’s Campaign To Improve Road Safety


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A mother-of-two seriously hurt in a fatal head-on crash, caused by a driver falling asleep at the wheel, has spoken of her battle to recover from her injuries.

Kelly Fry is using Road Safety Week to warn of the consequences of drivers getting behind the wheel while tired.

It comes after the 37-year-old instructed specialist serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to secure funds to help with her recovery and rehabilitation after she suffered a catalogue of very serious injuries - including a neck fracture, several broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken right ankle and multiple left foot fractures - in the crash which happened along the A36 near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Kelly, of Warminster, was driving to work when a red Mini drifted on to her side of the road and collided head first into her. The Mini driver tragically died at the scene.

The mum-of-two spent weeks in hospital following the crash, which happened on 5 July, 2016. She was unable to work for more than six months following the accident. When Kelly returned, her role and hours were temporarily modified to cater for her significant injuries.

Natasha Feher is a specialist personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Bristol office.

Expert Opinion
Kelly and her family have had to endure an exceptionally difficult year following the accident. Their lives were turned upside-down and Kelly was left with devastating injuries as a result. Her determination to overcome her injuries and get back to how she was before the accident is inspirational.

“Road safety is a cause we are passionate about and this tragic incident illustrates how important it is for road users to consider the safety of all of those around them. Getting behind the wheel after not having enough sleep can have fatal consequences, just as this case sadly shows.

“We are now working with Kelly and assist her in getting the support and rehabilitation she needs to optimize her recovery.”
Natasha Feher, Solicitor

The impact of the crash left the Mini embedded in the front of Kelly’s car. After receiving treatment at the scene Kelly was airlifted to hospital in Southampton, where she underwent a number of operations.

After several weeks Kelly was transferred to Salisbury Hospital, being her local hospital, which was closer for her family. This made visiting for her family significantly easier, specially, for her husband Matthew, aged 37 and children, Amelie, eight and Elliott, two.

Kelly said: “The accident has had a profound effect on me both physically and psychologically.  It is not simply the traumatic day but the aftermath of the event and how debilitating it has been for me and the family ever since.  This includes the relationship I have had with my children and not being able to be a good mum and wife. I am constantly in fear of what will happen in the future for me and my family and I simply cannot begin to describe the impact that this has had on me”.

“I also have an overwhelming sense of guilt for a number of reasons.  Not just the pressure and stress that my family have endured, but I also have to live with the fact that somebody sadly died in the accident. I feel very sorry for the fact that their relatives will have been severely affected by this.

“I want people to be aware of the consequences of driving tired; it’s not acceptable to get behind the wheel with a lack of sleep. I hope people will realise the dangers this poses and the tragic consequences that can happen.”

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