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Settlement For Pensioner Who Needed Hip Replacement Following Street Fall

The Man Instructed Specialist Lawyers After Accident In Cheadle


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A retired schoolteacher from Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, who suffered a fractured hip after he fell crossing the street, is to receive a five-figure settlement to help with his recovery.

Geoffrey Hough, 76, was crossing Station Road in Cheadle on 17 May, 2015, using the pedestrian crossing. Once Geoffrey had crossed the road he stepped onto the pavement but caught his toe on the edge of the raised paving stone, resulting in him falling to the ground and sustaining his painful injury.

After his accident, Geoffrey instructed expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell. His legal team found that the difference in height between the pavement and raised edge was almost an inch.

Geoffrey’s case has now been settled out of court, and with no admission of liability from the Defendant, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.

Richard Adams, a specialist serious injury solicitor at Irwin Mitchell representing Geoffrey, said: “We are happy to secure this settlement for Geoffrey following his fall which left him in need of surgery for a hip replacement and the subsequent painful recovery and rehabilitation.

“During his retirement, Geoffrey enjoys taking long walks and working in his garden however this fall prevented him from being able to do the things he enjoys for almost three months as he suffered from a loss of mobility.

“Importantly, these types of falls and cases do highlight how important it is for local councils and other relevant organisations to ensure the pavements and roads we all utilise are fit for purpose. It’s challenging with budget cuts and restrictions but a pedestrian falling into the road could have disastrous consequences.”

Geoffrey fractured his left hip in the fall and needed a hip replacement. This has had a significant impact on his life as Geoffrey has become more dependent on his wife for help doing simple tasks like showering and dressing.

Geoffrey’s ability to do the leisure activities he enjoys, such as walking and gardening, has also been impacted by his injury. Prior to his accident, Geoffrey would go for walks on a daily basis, however after his accident he was unable to walk long distances for around three months.

Geoffrey said: “My accident came as a great shock. I was just out for one of my walks in the morning and I was crossing the road when suddenly I am on the floor in considerable pain.

“The months after my injury were extremely frustrating as my lack of mobility prevented me from being independent and doing the things I enjoy.

“I am grateful to my legal team at Irwin Mitchell for securing me this settlement which we will allow me to move on from this incident.”

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