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January Still Busiest Time For Divorce Enquiries

Family Lawyers Say “Divorce Day” May Be A Myth But January Is Traditionally Their Busiest Month


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

Specialist family lawyers say January is still traditionally their busiest month of the year but the prospect of “Divorce Day” with unhappy couples queuing up to formally end their marriage on the first working day of the year is largely a myth.

For the past few years January divorce lawyers at Irwin Mitchell, which has offices across the country, have seen enquiries up by as much as 25% compared with average month.

Expert lawyers at the firm put this down to January being a time for new starts and people evaluating their lives. Most people instructing the firm in January will already have been contemplating divorce for months and may have already been in touch with lawyers before Christmas.

Expert Opinion
“January is often our busiest period but it’s a bit of a myth that people who have had a terrible Christmas are sat waiting by the doors of law firms on the 3rd January.

“People don’t usually contact divorce lawyers out of the blue, it is something which has been considered for a while. January is the time for New Year’s resolutions and new starts in life and that is often the prompt people need to take that formal step of ending their relationship after a difficult few months or years.

“Our research and experience shows that often partners have already agreed to separate but stay together for one last Christmas with their children rather that cause a massive upheaval during the festive holidays. Our research showed that 26% of people admitted to staying in unhappy relationships ‘for the kids’."
Martin Loxley, Consultant

The latest official statistics show that around 100,000 children are involved in divorces each year

The law firm is working with the Voices in the Middle charity to reduce the impact of divorce and separation on children by providing a support network for young people affected.

Irwin Mitchell has created New Year, New You guidelines for its clients which provides advice to help support them through their separation and set them up for life post-divorce.

Expert Opinion
“Whatever people’s reasons for divorce it’s important that people put any children first and consider their life post-divorce too. It’s important to get a network of strong people to support such as family and friends as well as to consider where they may live.

“Divorce is not a decision that is taken lightly. As well as considering their children there will be important decisions to be made about finances, houses, business interests as well as considering any possible relocations.

“Our New You campaign provides advice on their future at an early stage in the separation process so that they know what to expect and can begin to plan their lives at what is obviously a difficult and sensitive time.”
Martin Loxley, Consultant

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