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Cambridge Military Lawyer Given Prestigious Honour By Royal British Legion Solicitors Group

Paul Harrington Was Made An Emeritus Member


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A Cambridge-based lawyer has received a distinguished honour by being made an Emeritus Member of the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group (RBLSG).

Paul Harrington, part of the Military Injuries team at Irwin Mitchell’s Cambridge office alongside his son Simon, has been afforded the title due to his distinguished service to the RBLSG. 

Paul was a founder member of the Group in 1989 and a special presentation took place for him at the Army and Navy Cub to mark his Emeritus appointment. Tributes to Paul were made by Geraldine McCool, Head the Military Injuries Team at Irwin Mitchell, Jef Mitchell, Former Chief Claims Officer at the MoD, and Colonel Freddie Kemp, formerly of the Defence Inquest Unit.

With a unique combination of legal expertise and military experience, having served as an Ammunition Technical Officer and being educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Paul has been able to offer his clients an unparalleled service.

Paul said: “I am honoured to be made an Emeritus Member of the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group.

“Having come from a military background, and having served, I am more than aware of the sacrifices our brave servicemen and women make. 

“I believe this knowledge and experience is what has driven me over the years to work so tirelessly for them. They give all they have for their country. It is only right they have someone willing to fight for their justice.”

While working with Irwin Mitchell, Paul has been involved in numerous high profile cases, including  securing a seven-figure sum for a member of the Parachute Regiment who suffered injuries in a mine blast.

Geraldine McCool, head of Irwin Mitchell’s Military Injuries Team, said: 

Expert Opinion
I am delighted that Paul has been recognised for the excellent work he has done for the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group.

“The successes that the Group has achieved would undoubtedly have not been possible without his knowledge and professionalism. Paul also excels at making everyone he meets and works with feel valued and appreciated. This is what makes him a truly exceptional person.

“He will be sorely missed after his retirement at Christmas at Irwin Mitchell and the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group. We wish him all the best for the future.”
Geraldine McCool, Partner

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