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Holidaymakers Demand Answers After Salmonella Turns Holiday Into 'Nightmare'

Birthday Celebrations And Family Breaks Ruined By illness Linked To Athens Hotel


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Frustrated holidaymakers who suffered serious illnesses including salmonella after staying in an Athens hotel prior to starting their cruise holiday last year have instructed specialist lawyers to investigate the problems and help them gain answers regarding what happened.

Irwin Mitchell’s International Personal Injury team have heard first-hand accounts of how guests staying at the Polis Grand Hotel in October 2016 developed serious gastric symptoms following their stay. The illnesses ruined special family holidays and birthday celebrations during the subsequent cruise aboard the Carnival Vista.

All of those affected have advised that they sought advice either from the ship’s medical centre or on their return to the UK, with one passenger even requiring hospital admission for a few days in Barcelona due to the severity of his symptoms.

Irwin Mitchell is now investigating the outbreak of illness during the package holiday, which was arranged by Hays Tour Operating Ltd trading as Cruise Nation, and whether more should have been done to protect those affected.

Amandeep Samra, a specialist illness lawyer in Irwin Mitchell’s International Personal Injury team who is representing those affected, said: 

Expert Opinion
“We are very concerned by the accounts we have heard from our clients and have started to make our own enquiries”. Among the specific issues we will be considering is whether there is a link between the illness and an egg dish served during breakfast at the hotel that all of those affected appear to have eaten.

“Gastric illnesses such as salmonella can have a significant long-term impact on those affected, with such problems often leaving people with long-term health symptoms from which they often never fully recover.

“We are determined to help the holidaymakers who have instructed us to obtain answers regarding the issues they have faced. As part of our investigation we would be keen to hear from anyone else who was affected or witness the problems.”
Amandeep Samra, Associate

Case Studies


Terry Hoar, 57, from Waterlooville in Hampshire, was among those who suffered salmonella after staying at the hotel prior to the cruise with his wife.

Looking back on the trip, he said: “The whole cruise was ruined as a result of the illness and I simply want answers as to how this was allowed to happen.

“The whole experience has been deeply frustrating. I want answers as to what caused us to fall ill.”


Alison Baird was staying at the Polis Grand Hotel with her husband Paul, 60, as part of a special holiday to mark her 50th birthday.

She said: “Paul suffered serious gastric symptoms as soon as we boarded the ship and it was clear something wasn’t right. Although Paul received medical treatment on the ship, he was still unwell, when we came home and so he visited his GP.

“I can’t believe he suffered salmonella and we are just so frustrated by everything that happened. This was meant to be a memorable holiday for many reasons, but sadly now we will only remember it for these problems.”


Among those affected by the problems is Anthony Taylor, 51, from Chesterfield, who was admitted to hospital in Barcelona as a result of the illness he suffered during the holiday with his wife Angela.

He recalls: “The symptoms came on suddenly on the day of boarding the ship and it made the holiday a complete nightmare. I sought medical treatment on board the ship. As I was not getting any better, the ship’s medical staff advised that I should attend hospital as soon as we arrived in Barcelona. I was taken to hospital in a private ambulance and I was admitted to hospital for a few days.”

“It was really worrying when we spoke to other people on the ship and found out others had also been ill, with many of us talking about the breakfast back at the hotel. We’re just hugely frustrated that the illness ruined our holiday and we want answers as to how it happened.”


Matthew Hall, 30, from Newark, stay at the Polis Grand Hotel and cruise was ruined when his wife Lyndsey developed salmonella.

He said: “It was awful to see the state that my wife was in and other members of my family, particularly considering this was supposed to be a special family holiday.

“Nothing can change what has happened, but we just want to ensure no one else faces the same issues that we did in the future. Everyone affected deserves answers regarding what caused them to fall ill.”

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