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Six-Figure Settlement For 26 Brits After Gastric Illness Ruins Holidays To Egypt

Young Mum Suffered Potentially Fatal E-Coli After Staying At Sindbad Aqua Park Hotel


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A young mum who could have died after contracting a devastating gastric illness E coli on a family holiday to Egypt has won a legal battle after tour operator Thomas Cook agreed to a settlement for her and 25 other holidaymakers whose breaks were also ruined by illness.

Roxanne Barraclough, 26, was one of 26 holidaymakers who instructed expert travel lawyers Irwin Mitchell after their holidays to the Sindbad Aqua Park Hotel in Hurghada were ruined by gastric symptoms. 

Irwin Mitchell has now secured the group of 26 holidaymakers damages in excess of £100,000 from the tour operator to cover the holidaymakers’ pain and suffering and related losses. 

Roxanne was told by doctors that she was lucky to be alive after being admitted to her local hospital with excruciating kidney pain after returning from her family break. It was confirmed that she had contracted E coli.  

The Credit Controller from Blackpool, Lancashire, had noticed chicken sometimes served to guests at the resort was undercooked and stopped eating it. Just three days into their trip in July 2012, Roxanne, her partner Daniel, 24 and their seven-year-old-daughter Jessica fell ill. 

Daniel’s symptoms continued two weeks after the young family returned home, with Jessica suffering for five weeks after the holiday. 

On their return Roxanne’s illness became worse so she visited her local A&E department where she tested positive for E coli and was quickly transferred to an infection control unit where she spent a week receiving treatment. Doctors later told her that had she not received urgent medical care both kidneys could have ruptured. 

“It was incredibly distressing, not only for my partner and I but our young daughter who endured five weeks of illness which could have proved fatal,” she said. 

“Not only was our holiday ruined, but I had to spend a week away from Jessica, who was also very poorly, whilst I recovered, which was obviously very hard for both of us. We are grateful that we have now reached settlement and hope that we can now move on with our lives."

Expert Opinion
“Thomas Cook had a duty of care to Roxanne and her family and the 23 other holidaymakers to ensure they experienced a safe and enjoyable trip to the Sindbad Aqua Park Hotel. Thankfully, Thomas Cook took a sensible approach and compensated our clients.

“Gastric illness can be distressing in any event, but particularly when far from home and on what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday.

“This case highlights how serious and potentially life-threatening bacteria such as E-coli can be. Hopefully lessons can be learnt from this so other families can feel safe when travelling abroad.”
Clare Comiskey, Associate

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