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Former Chelsea FC Doctor Eva Carneiro Settles Dismissal Case

Employment Experts Review The Settlement


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Eva Carneiro’s protracted case against Chelsea FC and Jose Mourinho has been resolved after the doctor settled her dismissal claim against the club on confidential terms. 

Specialist employment lawyers from national law firm Irwin Mitchell believe the “likely high level of the award has been achieved to avoid embarrassment to all parties with the full hearing likely to have meant Mourinho and the club dealing with some very difficult questions.”

Dr Carneiro had claimed constructive dismissal against the club and was also bringing separate legal action against the self-titled ‘Special One’ who has recently been named as the new Manchester United manager.

Employment lawyers at Irwin Mitchell warned last year that a legal case was probable after Eva had her role downgraded after public criticism from former manager Jose Mourinho and then subsequently left her role at the club.

Mourinho called his medical staff, including Eva, “impulsive and naïve” and said they “didn’t understand the game” after treating Eden Hazard during their opening match of the season against Swansea.

Carneiro, who seemed to be simply following the laws of the game, ran on the pitch to check on the welfare of the then ‘Player of the Year’ Eden Hazard after he went down injured. However, this riled Mourinho as his team were already down to ten men after their goalkeeper had been sent off.

In a statement Dr Carneiro said: "I am relieved that today we have been able to conclude this tribunal case. It has been an extremely difficult and distressing time for me and my family and I now look forward to moving forward with my life."

Chelsea said in a statement: "The club regrets the circumstances which led to Dr Carneiro leaving the club and apologises unreservedly to her and her family for the distress caused.”

Expert Opinion
“It is very unlikely that the case settled for less than £1.2 million given that amount had already been put on the table and the total amount is likely to exceed the maximum award that the tribunal might have made had she been successful with all of her claims.

“We don’t yet know if Eva has managed to find another job which pays the same amount, or more, but there is no reason in theory why what happened on the pitch that day will have damaged her reputation sufficiently and prevented her from practicing again, although she might find it difficult to work for another premier league club.

“The likely high level of the award has been achieved to avoid embarrassment to all parties. Had it proceeded to a full hearing, Mourinho and the club would have been asked some very difficult questions about their treatment of Dr Carneiro.”
Glenn Hayes, Partner

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