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Defective Product Lawyers Welcome Creation Of Central Product Recall Database

Retail Ombudsman Launches UK’s First Electrical Goods Recall Database


Expert product liability lawyers who have represented individuals injured by faulty electrical goods have welcomed the creation of a product recall database by the Retail Ombudsman.


The launch of the database, called UK recall, comes after thousands of consumers were not informed of the dangers posed by some models of Whirlpool tumble dryers.


Consumers are able to register their electrical goods online through the new scheme and they will automatically be alerted if the manufacturer of the product issues a recall.


Matthew Newbould, an expert product liability lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, said:


Expert Opinion
“The creation of this new database is a positive step forward and will hopefully lead to consumers being better informed of product recalls so they can take action to protect themselves and their families.

“Currently, consumers may not be made aware of product recalls as they often do not register their electrical appliances with the manufacturer after buying them. This new scheme allows them to register goods on a central database in a matter of seconds, ensuring they will be informed of the latest recalls so they are no longer in danger of the risks posed by defective products.

“Of course, consumers have every right to expect the products that reach the market are rigorously tested and will not be defective. However, we hope consumers will be made aware of this new resource and take the appropriate steps to register their appliances, so they receive the very latest product recall information.”
Matthew Newbould, Solicitor


Dean Dunham, chief ombudsman, said that the database was created after Whirlpool informed the Retail Ombudsman it relied on the media to alert the public to recall notices.


“Electrical appliances are one of the most common causes of house fires and home insurers have the right to refuse a payout if you have failed to register your electrical appliances and therefore not followed manufacturer's instructions when issued.


“By registering with UK Recall, consumers will be immediately alerted if the manufacturer of the individual appliances you register issues a recall or safety notice. We will also ensure that you are registered on the manufacturer’s database.”

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